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CAT 2005


  • Number of questions: 75 Questions
  • Time limit: 150 minutes
  • Marks: 300 marks
  • Negative marking: yes (25% negative for wrong answers)
  • Section: 3 sections, No sectional time limits
  • Options: 5 answer options per question

Questions per section

  • 1-A. Quantitative Ability 10
  • 1-B. Quantitative Ability 20
  • 2 2-A. Verbal Ability 10
  • 2-B. Verbal Ability 20
  • 3 3-A. Data Interpretation 10
  • 3-B. Data Interpretation + Reasoning 20

Detailed analysis

CAT 2005 pattern was interesting, with 6-7 relatively easy questions in the 1 marker variety and another 6-7 in the 2 markers. However, as most people would have spent more time on the two markers, overall marks attempted would be on the higher side. We expect the people to solve 24-25 marks worth of questions in 40 minutes, and get a score of abut 20.


The DI section was changed by absence of graphs. Hence chances for solving questions visually was less. Part A had three sets, 2 tables and 1 bar graph followed by 3, 3 and 4 questions each.The question based on graphs was easy.Knowledge of averages required to solve this set.Part B was difficult compared to part A, due to the presence of a large number of sets based on reasoning.Data Sufficiency questions were absent, but were asked in a DI set.In Part B, there were two sets based on Tables and three Caselets. Each set was followed by 4 questions.


The quantitative section had reduced number of Algebra questions and large number of questions on Arithmetic and Geometry. Part A was easier than Part B. There were about 5 questions in Quant that did not require you to have quant knowledge as they were purely logical.


The Verbal ability section had a new question type -- the one pertaining to replacing the inappropriate word with the appropriate one. VA was traditional, but it was characterized by closer answer options and hence debatable answers. There was a gud mix of questions on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Reasoning Both parts were somewhat difficult. Part A had one RC passage followed by 4 questions, 3 questions on Jumbled Sentences and 3 questions based on inappropriate usage of words. Part B had two passages followed by 4 questions each, 4 questions based on completing the paragraph in the most appropriate way, 4 questions based on appropriate replacement of words and 4 questions based on identifying the grammatically correct sentence