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CAT 2006


Common Admission Test (CAT) took place on Sunday, November 19, 2006 for admission in MBA Programmes

  • Number of questions: 75 Questions
  • Time limit: 150 minutes
  • Marks: 300 marks
  • Negative marking: yes (25% negative for wrong answers)
  • Section: 3 sections, No sectional time limits
  • Options: 5 answer options per question

Questions per section

  • Logical reasoning - Data interpretation (LR-DI) : 25 questions
  • Verbal ability (VA): 25 questions
  • Quantitative analysis (QA): 25 questions

Detailed analysis

CAT 2006 was a surprise for every one as it comes with lot of new things which are far apart from the past CAT tests.First time there were 5 options were available for each question.Questions in VA section are not usual.Options in VA section is pretty close to each other which made it tougher.Grammer had been absent.


Total 25 questions in CAT 2006 LR-DI section. 5 easy questions for LR.20 questions for Data interpretation consisting 5 from networks.5 from tabular DI and 10 tough questions from caselets.


Total 25 questions in CAT 2006 quantitative analysis section. Break down was as below

  • Algebra 8 questions
  • Number Systems 5 questions
  • Geometry 4 questions
  • percentage 1 question
  • Ratios 3 questions
  • Speed 1 question
  • Permutations and Combinations 2 questions
  • Set Theory 1 question


Total 25 questions in CAT 2006 Verbal ability section. 3 tough RCs of 5 questions each.there was one set of 5 questions on the Fact-Inference-Judgment .The remaining 5 questions involved identifying the best last sentence in a paragraph -- once again fairly tough.