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Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (also known as IITGN), located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is a public institute of higher education declared to be an Institute of National Importance by Government of India. It is one of the eight new Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India under The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act, 2011. IITGN comes under the brand-cluster of sixteen Indian Institutes of Technology classified by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.The Act was passed in the Lok Sabha on 24 March 2011 and by the Rajya Sabha on 30 April 2012.. IIT Gandhinagar was established in 2008 along with seven other new IITs. The institute started its operations in its temporary campus at Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Chandkheda. The institute has been mentored by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay since 2008. The first batch of students were admitted in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The Senate

The Senate  is a statutory body responsible for all the academic matters of the institute including monitoring and improvements in course structure and curriculum. The current Senate of the IIT GN was constituted on April 5, 2010. It hosts members of faculty, and advisors from academia and industry. Prior to its constitution, the functions of the Senate were being performed by an Academic Council comprising the Heads of Departments at IIT Bombay, the mentor institute. Key officials Key officials of the institute are the Director, assisted by Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Faculty Affairs, Dean Research and Development, and Heads of individual Disciplines. Presently Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain is heading the institution as the Director. He is on deputation from IIT Kanpur. Academics IITGN offers Bachelor of Technology program in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Admission to these programmes is through the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Students are admitted after completing 10+2. The institute also offers Masters  and Ph.D. studies in various fields. Admissions to these programmes are through written test and/or interviews. IIT Gandhinagar has been offering a five week rigorous Foundation Program for the Fresh JEE batches joining the Institute since July 2011.The July 2011 Foundation Program was inaugurated by Mr. N.R.Narayana Murthy on 19 July 2011. B.Tech. Biological, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Nanotechnology M.Tech. Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and in Metallurgy Materials Science. Ph.D. Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, and Metallurgy & Materials Science), Sciences (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) and Humanities & Social Sciences (Cognitive Science, English, Philosophy, Sociology and other disciplines). Hundred and Seventeen students  have taken admission in the 2012 batch.


The first convocation of IIT Gandhinagar was held on 22nd July 2012 within the temporary campus premises. 86 students graduated with Bachelor of Technology degrees in Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The Chief guest for the occasion was Shri N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor and Chairman Emeritus, Infosys Ltd. Mr. Murthy spoke about patriotism in his Convocation address. Dr. Mashelkar, Chairman Board of Governors and Dr. Sudhir Jain, Director IIT Gandhinagar also addressed the graduating students. The President's gold medal, outstanding researcher's medal, and other performance awards were given away by Dr. Mashelkar. The degrees of Bachelor of Technology to the graduating batch were handed over by Dr. Sudhir K. Jain. Swetava Ganguli received the first President's Gold Medal of IIT Gandhinagar. The convocation attire for IITGN has been designed by National Institute of Design (NID). Research IIT Gandhinagar and Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2011 that ensures research collaborations and exchanges between the two institutions at the level of advanced Ph.D. programs in theoretical physics, astro-physics, and atmospheric sciences . The collaboration facilitates exchange of research ideas between PhD students and faculties of both institutions. NTT Facilities, Inc., Japan and Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Gandhinagar, have provided a 10 kW roof-top solar photovoltaic (PV) system each to the Institute . The system provided by NTT Facilities consists of sixty four thin-film modules (rated 150W) made by Solar Frontier, Japan while the system sponsored by GEDA consists of forty four multicrystalline silicon modules (rated 230 W) produced by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, India. Each PV system is expected to generate about 15000 kWh of electricity every year and reduce total CO2 emissions by about 28 tonnes. These systems have already started to reduce the energy bills of the Institute and are being used for research in collaboration with Underwriters Laboratories .


Computing Facilities

  IIT Gandhinagar LAN setup integrates the campus into a single unit. The Institute premises and the student hostels are Wi-Fi enabled. Scientific software such as Mathematica,PSCAD 4.2, STATA 11.1, Matlab, ANSYS Multi-Physics Simulation Software Suite, which includes CFD softwares such as Fluent, ICEM-CFD and CFX, and Finite Element Softwares for Structural Analysis, multi-body dynamics and for problems requiring multi-physics simulation, STAR-CCM+ CFD Software and Autodesk Inventor CAD Software. HPC Lab Two computational labs with networked multi-core desktop computers have been set up for teaching courses and for executing computational research projects. An initiative to set up a high performance computing (HPC) platform for advancing research and teaching in computational science and engineering, for the promotion of the use of GPUs and CUDA programming for HPC has been made with the establishment of the HPCLab@IITGN consisting of 7 networked multi-core and GPU based workstations set up with partial support Fujitsu and Nvidia . Users can also access the various computational resources made available via GARUDA- the Indian Grid Computing facility from the HPCLab@IITGN. Library The Library has a collection of 11,000 books including reference books and text books, and 165 print journals. Most of the research journals are now available through on-line resources such as Annual Reviews, American Chemical Society , American Physical Society, ASME , IEEE , JSTOR, Science Direct , MathScinet, and SpringerLink . IITGN  is an institutional member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).


Accommodation facilities for all the undergraduate students are available on campus and in the housing complex across the street from the Institute. There are two hostels for the boys—one inside the campus and the other hostel across the road in the building complexes. There is a separate girls' hostel within the campus for the undergraduate women students. Sports IIT GN has sports facilities that include a football field, cricket, volleyball and basketball courts. Students and staff participate in the Inter-IIT Sports Meet annually. Parth Sane won the first Inter-IIT Gold Medal for IIT GN in 2011 in the category of 50 Mts butterfly swimming event for men. Facilities for indoor games such as badminton and table-tennis are also available. A modern multi-purpose gym is available along with gym instructors. Football enthusiasts come together under the ambit of LFP (League of Football Players) and organize a Barclays Premier League style IITian Football League with provisions for team formation through bidding, player transfer, etc. Student Activities Students are represented by the Students' Senate, a legislative body consisting of student representatives. There also exists an executive body, the Students' Gymkhana Council. A two-part documentary on academics and student life at IIT GN was launched recently.


  The tribune at Amalthea 2010 Amalthea is the student technical summit of IIT Gandhinagar. Amalthea 2010 was centered on "Non-Conventional sources of Energy, its importance and scope". The speakers ranged from industry representative such as Madhusudhan Atre of Applied Materials to esteemed academia such as Anil Gupta of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and government officials such as M. Sahu, Principal Secretary, Industries and Mines Department, Government of Gujarat. Amalthea 2011 was inaugurated by Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat on 15 October 2011. Blithchron Blithchron is the cultural festival of IIT Gandhinagar. The word "Blithchron" was coined by the students from "blithe" and "chronos" meaning the "time of festivity". The festival has grown from around 1500 in the first year to over 8000 in the second year. Some of the lead performers at the festival each year include Nitin Malik of Parikrama fame, Dr. Kumar Viswas the poet, and other famous artistes and performers. The 3rd year of the festival was themed "Cinema Through Ages" and included performances from German band Fire On Dawson which performed for the first time in Gujarat as well as Motherjane and Sifar. Blithchron-11 witnessed a thumping footfall of 15000. The 4th edition of Blithchron was based on a unique theme "Around the World in 48 Hours" which focuses on the amalgamation of different cultures all across the globe. Colleges from all over India participated in Blithchron-12. League of Football Players LFP or the League of Football Players is an annual football tournament organised in IIT Gandhinagar. It started with three teams namely Club Gallanatos, 8 hooligans FC and Aeolus. Being inspired from the popular football leagues around the world in its format and concept, LFP emerged as one of the most interesting tournament of IITGN in the first year of its inception, with some hard fought matches and nail biting, LFP was able to attract a lot of non football playing audience. The present league has six teams: Blitz FC, Club Galantos, 8 Hooligans, Torrero FC, Rebels United and Blue Falcons. Pragya Showing a students' group, called, Pragya, are highly active in social activities in the campus. The students conducted social audits in the neighboring villages to help unmask corruption and money laundering. The students of IIT GN organize a blood donation drive throughout Ahmedabad, and also themselves donate blood. Palantir The student magazine, Palantir, is a semester-based insight into the activities at IITGN. It is also a forum where the students can voice their concerns and opinions. Earn While You Learn As part of a program started by the institute, the students at IIT GN are paid for part-time jobs.Through this program, the students are involved in the working and functioning of the college. Jobs vary from handling the functioning of the library to network management in the campus. Also extending the program, the students are included in the planning and the designing of the new 585-acre (2.37 km2) campus of IIT Gandhinagar. With a strong sense of brotherhood and tradition, the students also celebrate almost all the festivals. Unity in diversity is clearly seen, with students celebrating Eid with the same enthusiasm as Ganesh Chaturthi. Summer Camp A four-week Summer Camp for IITGN undergraduate students was held from June 18th 2012 to July 17th 2012 with the theme of "Design". This initiative gave the students a platform to express their creativity and originality. Activities at the camp included engineering design challenges such as laboratory kits, design experiments for rural schools, designing laboratory kits, etc.
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