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IITR ( Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee )

Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee is among the foremost of institutes of national importance in higher technological education and in engineering, basic and applied research. Since its establishment, the Institute has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the country and in pursuit of research. The Institute ranks amongst the best technological institutions in the world and has contributed to all sectors of technological development. It has also been considered a trend-setter in the area of education and research in the field of science, technology, and engineering.



Under graduate

The Institute offers eleven undergraduate programmes leading to B . Arch . and B.Tech. degrees, which are of 5 and 4 years duration, respectively. These programmes are in the following disciplines:
Undergraduate Programmes
Sl. No  Academic Department Programmes
1  Architecture & Planning  Architecture
 2  Biotechnology  Biotechnology
 3  Chemical Engineering  Chemical Engineering
 4  Civil Engineering  Civil Engineering
 5  Electrical Engineering  Electrical Engineering
 6  Electronics & Computer Engineering  Electronics & Communication EngineeringComputer Science & Engineering
 7  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering  Mechanical EngineeringProduction & Industrial Engineering
 8  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
 9  Paper Technology  Pulp &Paper Engineering

Dual degree programmes

The Institute offers three Integrated Dual Degree programmes (5 years duration). Admissions are offered through the Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) and students are awarded both B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees after completion of 5 years. These programme are in the following desciplines:
Integrated Dual Degree Programmes
Sl.No Academic Department Programmes
Main DisciplineB.Tech SpecialisationM.Tech
1 Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Hydrocarbon Engineering
2 Electronics & Computer Engineering Electronics & Wireless Communication Communication Engineering
3 Electronics & Computer Engineering Computer Science &  Engineering Information Technology
4 Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Power Electronics
5 Paper Technology Process Engineering M.B.A.

Post graduate programmes

      M.Tech./M.Arch. & M.U.R.P.  
Sl.No  Academic Department  Programmes
 1  Architecture & Planning  M.Arch. , M.U.R.P.
 2  Alternate Hydro Energy Centre  Alternate Hydro Energy SystemsConservation of Rivers & Lakes
 3  Chemical Engineering  Computer Aided Process Plant DesignIndustrial Pollution Abatement Industrial Safety & Hazard Management
 4  Civil Engineering  Building Science & TechnologyComputer Aided Design Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Engineering (with Diversification in Rock Mechanics) Hydraulics Engineering Geomatics Engineering Structural Engineering (with Diversification in Bridge Engineering) Transportation Engineering (with Diversification in Traffic Engineering)
 5  Earthquake Engineering  Soil DynamicsStructural Dynamics Measurement & Instrumentation
 6  Electrical Engineering  Power Apparatus & Electric DrivesPower System Engineering System Engg. & Operations Research
 7  Electronics & Computer Engineering  Control & GuidanceComputer Science & Engineering Communication Systems Information Technolgy RF & Microwave Engineering Semiconductor Devices & VLSI Tech.
 8  Hydrology  Surface Water HydrologyGround Water Hydrology Watershed Management
 9  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering  Machine Design EngineeringProduction & Industrial Systems Engg. Thermal Engineering Welding Engineering CAD, CAM & Robotics
 10  Metallurgical & Materials Engg.  Industrial MetallurgyPhysical Metallurgy Corrosion Engineering
 11  Paper Technology  Pulp & Paper Engineering
 12  Water Resources Development & Management  Irrigation Water ManagementWater Resources Development
P.G. Diploma (For Sponsored Candidates)
Sl. No Academic Department Programme
1  Hydrology  Hydrology
2  Water Resources Development & Management  Hydroelectric System Engg. & ManagementIrrigation Water Management Water Resources Development
PG Programmes in Sciences, Management and Computer Applications
Sl. No Academic Department Specialisation
1  Chemistry  Advanced Chemical Analysis
2  Earth Sciences  Applied Geophysics
3  Physics  Solid State Electronic Materials
Sl. No Academic Department Programmes
1  Biotechnology  Biotechnology
2  Chemistry  Chemistry
3  Earth Sciences  Applied Geology
4  Mathematics  Applied MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics & Informatics
Sl. No Academic Department Programmes
1 Management Studies Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2 Interdisciplinary Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Doctoral Programmes

Research programmes leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D. ) are available in all academic departments of the Institute. While 89 new candidates were admitted to Ph.D. programmes, a total of 754 candidates are working for their Ph.D. degree in the session 2007-2008. The Ph.D. thesis is evaluated by the supervisor(s) and by two external examiners, one Indian and the other from abroad. If the examiners recommend acceptance of the thesis, a viva voce examination of the candidate is arranged at Roorkee. The recommendations of the Board of Examiners are considered by the Senate , which approves the award of Ph.D. degree to the candidate.


The engineering departments of the institute include:
Architecture Biotechnology Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Earthquake Engineering (offers post-graduate level courses only) Electrical Engineering Electronics and Communications Engineering Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Pulp and Paper Engineering The departments dealing with pure sciences in the institute are:
Chemistry Mathematics Physics Earth Sciences Humanities and Social Sciences In addition to them, there are also specialised centers, that are:
Department of Management Studies Hydrology Water Resources Development and Management Alternate Hydro Energy Center


With its serene and lush green campus, IIT Roorkee offers a good environment for learning and research. The campus is spread in an area of 360 acres (1.5 km2). Various departments and hostels have very impressive architectures and there is hardly any repetition of design in the entire campus. The institute offers a variety of recreational activities for professional development.
IIT Roorkee also has a Saharanpur Campus of 25 acres (100,000 m2) which offers courses in Polymer Science, Process Engineering and Paper Technology.   Hostels(Bhawans)  
Most students at IIT Roorkee live in the hostels, where a large number of extracurricular activities complement the hectic academic routine. The campus has nine hostels, of which two (Sarojini and Kasturba) are exclusively occupied by girls. Hostels in IIT Roorkee may accommodate undergraduate and graduate students along with doctoral students. Students are assigned to hostels by the Institute Administration after their freshmen year. The hostels are named after eminent personalities of India and Britain during the Indian Freedom Struggle. The hostels are:
  Azad Bhawan Cautley Bhawan Ganga Bhawan Govind Bhawan Jawahar Bhawan Malviya Bhawan (Saharanpur Campus) Rajendra Bhawan- Ravindra Bhawan Sarojini Bhawan Kasturba Bhawan In addition to these hostels, there are four hostels for married students, doctoral students and foreign students:   Mulk Raj Chopra Bhawan Ghanand Pandey Bhawan A. N. Khosla Bhawan Azad Wing Several new hostels are being constructed to accommodate an increasing intake of students.   Mess  
Each bhawan has its mess, which is run on the basis of tenders. Mess administration consists of a staff advisor and a chief advisor. Moreover a mess secretory, representative of students, is also in the body for decisions on various the mess-issues.
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