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Banning smoking in public place is a right decision.

Favour of (Boys)

  • It is indeed a right decision; it has been troublesome to nonsmokers.

  • Due to passive Smoking cancer and asthma are part of Indian society. Why should one pay for other people's bad habit

  • On the name of personal freedom we can't allow people to smoke publically. Nicotine kills more people than other drugs like marijuana or snort coke.

  • This is extremely unfair for those people who are forced to be passive smokers.

Against of Boys

  • Banning smoke in public places is diminishing act for our personal freedom.

  • Its choice of the people who are standing beside smokers that they want to stay there or go.


  • Smoking should be banned completely because smoking causes dangerous diseases like heart problem and cancer.

  • Government should implement this rule strictly.

  • Government should raise price of TOBACO products.

Contributed by: Studyfreak

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Points added by members

Added by: sai kiran

Point: yes... it shuold be banned in public places because the person doing crime sholud be punished but not the person who is good. so why shuold the person who doesnt smoke should suffer because of the smokers?? its completely unfair to the loyality. it must be prohibited smoking in public places.

Date: 2014-02-20 12:01:34

Added by: thilak"rd

Point: just banning doesnot make any difference . people should motivated as that even without smoking life will be very relaxed , there are lot of things are there that we can enjoy

Date: 2013-11-21 00:58:48

Added by: Mayank

Point: Smoking should be banned in public place because many people smoke only to show off or to look/act cool. The perception in youth is like if they smoke they will look more cool. But by banning smoking in public people who fall under this category will not smoke or smoke less.

Date: 2013-09-22 12:50:03

Added by: somanath tripathy

Point: Government should step to ban strictly it.and also take some action against the seller and product.

Date: 2013-08-04 08:43:52

Added by: Rahul Middha

Point: Smoking should be banned inpublic space regarding its harmfuleffects but there is a fact what to dowith those people who are addicted tosmoke. Govt. Should make somesmoking zones for this persons to asthey are also have their rights.

Date: 2013-08-02 15:34:59

Added by: hinduja

Point: ban of smoking is a good idea... but at the same time not that easy... since prevention is better than cure.. rather than implementing rules for people who are smoking.. better to create awareness in the remaining people. so that there may be a change in the society atleast after one or two generations.. it may be too late.. but thinks works out.. because slow and steady wins the race..

Date: 2013-06-29 11:11:50

Added by: satya

Point: from my point of view smoking is not gud habbit for causes of many diseses for our it will be ban for our bright future...

Date: 2013-06-26 05:54:48

Added by: 9040182414

Point: smoking in public place is not a good descion,banning of smoking in public place is a good descion.

Date: 2013-04-04 10:32:33

Added by: hemalatha

Point: smoking in pubilc place government take severe action .this incidence affect the young generationrestricted ofarmful tabacco products.

Date: 2013-02-21 22:56:40

Added by: munna kumar

Point: smoking is ban in pblc place every one not smoking ,becoz smoking is harmful to our health,its creat so many deaseases like cancer,asthma..............nd heart problem.its ban in the film industry

Date: 2012-10-12 12:29:09

Added by:

Point: i agree with boys my consider girls also addidected to smoking...and smoking should be banned completely

Date: 2012-09-22 02:25:01

Added by: priyal maheshwari

Point: twe the common ppl cant do anythng in this bt the stronget power is with goverment....... govt. shld take serious steps against ithh... can rise the price of the particular product... evry thng is in the govt hand..why it is not serous although he can strictly bann the product nd can save many innocent lives..govt shld not sit idle nd tak silly nd slow decision bt shld awake nd tak strict decision..

Date: 2012-08-24 12:07:14

Added by: akash mahajan

Point: it a right as we know that smoking is harmfull to health not only those who smok but also to those person who smal it

Date: 2012-05-27 09:36:27

Added by: deepak sabling gaikwad

Point: smoking to create our atmosphere very bad and so govertnment must take the action about on it and government would take class on colleges or school to create awareness in students

Date: 2012-05-06 12:09:04

Added by: hbk

Point: one of the major reasons of house hold fire is people smoke in their bed,so banning will promote people to smoke at their place and might increase the house hold fire chances,instead of banning smoking at public places more effort should be done to make people aware of the ill effects of it and motivate people to quit smoking

Date: 2012-02-06 00:59:20

Added by: Nilanjan Mitra

Point: Smoking should be banned in public space regarding its harmful effects but there is a fact what to do with those people who are addicted to smoke. Govt. Should make some smoking zones for this persons to as they are also have their rights. There is nothing written in our Constitution that smoking should be prohibited.

Date: 2012-01-19 10:06:03

Added by: banu

Point: if atractive or likely produts are shown to people they will surely buy,so tobaco should no be entered into the market for sales

Date: 2012-01-04 20:04:37

Added by: kartikal

Point: Banning smoke in public place is favorable act but it is not vivacious still.. strict Laws must be formulated so that every individual bears in mind incessantly :-)

Date: 2011-12-10 20:16:19

Added by: kalpna

Point: yes,smoking in a public place should be banned completely bcoz dis alongwid environmental pollution also cause dirt n garbage. most of d tym smoker throw away burnt out cigarette on public place widout any concern for cleaniness of road n gardens.

Date: 2011-12-06 21:34:32


Point: its not about freedom its your freedom but you cannot risk someones health due to your freedom

Date: 2011-08-04 07:10:22


Point: govt. has already banned smoking .there are a lot of peole who are against this rule .so fo rule breaker strict decidion should be taken.because health is wealth

Date: 2011-07-19 14:10:23

Added by: priyanka

Point: Smoke contains hundreds of toxic chemicals including arsenic ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, benzene, and vinyl chloride. It is known to cause cancer, coronary heart disease, and respiratory problems. There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.Non smokers should not be subjected to this disgusting habit.

Date: 2011-06-30 03:34:36

Added by: deepa

Point: from my point of view.. gov should banish smoking completely.. it not oly affect the person who s smoking.. it also affect and trobles the person who s nearer to them.. gov should make some steps of everyone inderstanding the consequence of smoking

Date: 2011-06-20 14:42:56

Added by: deepak negi

Point: smoking is injerous to health...we see this slogen on every packet of cigrette but still ppl want's to die so what can we do for that.
there's maximum numbr of death causes due to smoking which causes lung cancer.there are 40000 of harmful components in cigrette.
so ppl be aware and stop smoking for long and happy life.

Date: 2010-12-01 21:12:02

Added by: Ashok Lahoti

Point: Govt. should ban to smokers in public place & also smoke products.

Date: 2010-03-07 21:40:07

Added by: prakalyas.s.b

Point: instead of increasing the rate of tobacco products the government should ban those products

Date: 2010-01-30 20:00:24