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MNS-cultural bullying / Localization


  • Local groups are helping local people to have their rights so they can grow and achieve same status as other people

  • Local groups are only trying to stop migration of people from villages to city which should be controlled by government but government is not taking any action because they are getting votes from the migrated people.

  • Local groups want to take firm action against the different antinationalist elements, that are growing due to lethargic action of government.


  • Actions taken by this group hurting sentiments of peoples of other parts of country.

  • India is free country where anyone can move anywhere and decide its own destiny.

  • Government spends billions of rupees to develop infrastructure in metro cities that has been taken as TAX from all over India so everyone should have equal opportunity.

  • It is another try of breaking our country on the basis of caste and religion.

  • Violence is not at all the solution for anything.

  • It's all for vote politics .


  • It is true the load on metro cities is way too high and government should take action to control migration from villages to these cities. MNS or any other local force should take positive step rather going by way of violence to achieve growth and benefits for the local people. India is a free country everyone have right to move and make their own destiny.

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