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The only conviction in a man's life should be to not take life seriously

man should take his life seriously to some extent.
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Life is a beautiful gift given to us. One should not waste it just worrying for life certainly there are the things which cant be left unaddressed but still a person should always try to enjoy his life as life is not just for worries, competition and work.

Right now life is so fast people just forget to enjoy the beautiful day to day moments.
Everyone is running a race at the end of which he/she has to loose everything so what is the use of running so fast

So what if you make a couple of speling errors or typos? It doesnít change the person that you are and itís not that big of a deal because people understand you 90% of the time when you make a mistake anyways.

Everyone takes themselves and their personal drama way, way too seriously sometimes.
So what if someone insulted you? So what if your girlfriend broke up with you? So what if youíve tried so hard to accomplish something, but when it counted, you failed?
Laughter is important and is so much better than reacting to all the negatives that present themselves in life. Negativity can take over your life if you allow it Watch less negative news. How rare it is when they report something positive. Life is about attitude and you can choose what kind of attitude you embrace on.

Contributed by: navdeep kaur

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