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Democracy has hampered India's progress.


  • Democracy has definitely hampered progress, because people who have chosen by Indian population are incapable to run government.
  • Democracy putting forward a lot of restrictions on industries to run it as, profitable enterprise rather then it is becoming more like running for social cause, because the way the system is built, lot of regulations and formalities come into picture. The bureaucracy leads to delays.
  • Yes, as all can see from the news and media that, everything is being molded according to the wishes of so called protectors of the democracy.
  • Democracy leads to vote politics and vote politics leads to the decisions which are favorable to some groups of society. Such decisions and policies are not good for nation's growth.


  • Democracy is single reason of India's progress. There is no greater system for a country than a vibrant democracy. There are few problems, but which system does not have problems. There may be problem in a system, but we have to overcome that and keep trying to do so. No system can ever be full proof because no two men always can think alike.
  • We can see pure communist or dictator ruled countries have their own problems.
  • At the time of Independence, the average income of Pakistanis was higher than that of Indians. Today after almost 60 years of democracy in India and 60 years of dictatorships, military rule and religious control in Pakistan, the average income of Indians is about 300% higher than Pakistan and India is now progressing towards becoming world "superpower."


  • Democracy is beautiful system, where people choose their leader. So responsibility is on the shoulders of Indian citizens to choose a right capable leader who can take right and rational decision. More good people should join politics and people should vote right people.

  • There might be some problem with the democracy but no system is full proof. We can find solution of problems.

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