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Beauty contests do little to improve the status of women.

Favour (Yes)

  • Personally I think beauty pageants, in general (both adult/children), are pretty much stereotypical, conceded, and even vain at times. Plus they seem to go against a lot of minorities. You never see or hear of any overweight beauty pageants

  • it's up to the women who want to be famous its fine I guess doesn't hurt anyone

  • The real question is how it is affecting women's status and answer is very little. Because society is treating them as showpiece in this case

  • Now same kind of competitions for men are happening so no need to ask this question because it is only for money and business nothing to do with women's stature.

Against (No)

  • It all depends on type of pageant. I am fully supportive to scholarship pageants because not everyone has money to pay for college and competing in a scholarship pageant just shows that the girl is trying to make something of her. They can use that money to study in the colleges. This type of pageants are happening in western countries like USA

  • Pageant helps girls from all over society to come forward and make career in fashion industry


  • WE cannot link beauty contests to status of women in present scenario. Because it's up to a woman who want to be famous to join and enjoy such contests.

  • Such kinds of contests are happening all over world for men and women both. Purpose of beauty contests is business and entertainment.

Contributed by: Studyfreak

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