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Gambling/Betting should be legalized in India!

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Favor (Betting Should be Legalized)

  • As we can see many big personalities are involved in cricket betting and unofficially it is a big business so it would be right to legalize it so government can earn some taxes which can be utilized for growth of our country.

  • In terms of output and employment, in United Kingdom (Britain) gambling industry contributes in a big way to economy. For 2008, 3 billion pounds ($4.65 billion) gross value-added transactions occurred in gambling activities and it helped create 40,700 jobs.

  • The total financial impact of betting industry in UK, is to equivalent of 6 billion pounds ($9.3 billion dollars) and it also supports over 100,000 jobs in UK economy.

  • Gambling is not bad .It depends on individuals and how gamblers 'gambles'. It is another game with linked economic benefits. It depends on person to person A person can gamble for everything he have and loose everything .A sensible person always know his limits.

  • Share markets are another gamble especially Indian share market. There is no certainty when share prices will go down. In India Share market is worst gamble as people get cheated everyday there. Why it is legalized?

  • Criminalizing betting does not stop it happening, In this year's IPL, for instance, as the TOI reported , an estimated Rs 5,000 crore has already been bet in India and 2 million pounds (about Rs 13.5 crore) through bookmakers in the United kingdom. As in India Betting is banned criminals are involved in it.

  • Do they not have a free will to decide what is good and what is bad. We should not assume that the weaker section does not know what to do with their money; in fact they are more prudent with their money than the rich. In fact the illegal betting market is putting them more at risk as they are being exposed to the criminals in the society.


  • There are numbers of examples already present in India where people have lost their mind and gambled their all savings and did suicide.
    Considering such examples Government should not legalize the gambling in any way. In our country even lottery is banned in many states as people lost their lives while playing lottery then how we can allow gambling?

  • Cricket is most popular game in India. If betting will be legalized then even kids will start betting. There is a chance that whole nation will become gambler. People are crazy for cricket in our country. So that is another fact needs to keep in mind before legalize gambling.

  • In Indian society, there is deep-rooted belief that 'gambling' is 'bad' and 'a social evil'.It is certainly true, to some extent, that uncontrolled gambling or 'addiction' of gambling is a really bad habit.

  • But what about the social consequences of gambling? Have we not all heard of stories of people - men, in most cases - gambling away a family's savings?

  • Middle class is right now not involved in gambling and if it is legalized those will be impacted badly.

  • Legalization of sports betting can never eliminate match fixing/spot fixing because human greed can never be controlled. However it can certainly deter such people i.e players, coaches and punters as chances of detection would be much higher.

  • No. Let cricket be a gentlemen game. Betting will kill the spirit of sports and sportsmanship. More strict laws should be enacted to regulate cricket which is definitely under a cloud of honky dory dealings.(Point added by user.)


  • Gambling is legal all over world and regulated. In India Regulation fails everywhere. So if we think of legalizing/regulating betting then we should think that it won't work in our corrupt system. Right now betting is banned and at least medium class is not involved in it so not losing their hard earned money in gambling.

  • If government wants to make revenue from gambling then they can make a few centers for gambling in tourist places. But these places should be far from reach of common man so common man can go there once in a year and enjoy this evil game of gambling.

Contributed by: PADMANAV PATRA

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Points added by members

Added by: Nishant Maan

Point: I want to say that yes gambling can be started by the government of India but only on some selected places to keep it limited if the government wants to earn revenue from it. Such as on tourist places

Date: 2018-04-02 22:04:21

Added by: Ankit


If government have proper mind set so can get taxes of around 45k cr and if made proper guideline now gambling doesnot mean to do gamble its can workout peer to peer also like stock exchanges

Date: 2016-02-05 06:34:46

Added by:


Gambling should not be legalised in our country because unemployment is our greatest problem , gambling will further worsen the the state of unemployed youth as they will consider it as shortest way to earn more money .They will get addicted and will be tempted to gamble .

Date: 2015-10-24 12:17:00

Added by: ranasudhir


Gambling should not be legalised in our country bcz gambling is only legalised in developed country .there people s have enough money.their wealth condition is gud.and main point is they know their in india many time poor and illiterate people also waste their money in gambling they dont know their limits ....they gambled all their money and did suicide...

Date: 2015-09-22 00:38:52

Added by: pawan

Point: Gambling should be legalised in india as it can give a good revenue to the government in terms of tax. but the individual should see to it that gambling does not become an addiction to him

Date: 2015-07-07 16:28:41

Added by: Ranjith mangaluru.

Point: Unlike others even i too support to what others have commentd..on te part of the gov itz actually a gud move.if bettng s legalisd..then mre revenue can be earnd by the what abt poor indians?? Collctn of revenue through bettng..n distributng to te society doesnt make any does it contribte to the growth f the country.we shud think y itz legalisd n foreign countries,theier rich in terms f wealth and socialy stable..tey hv gud control ovr te act..i think wt decisn gov had taken s greatly a gud move..hope itz continues to save indians.

Date: 2015-05-22 09:25:41

Added by: shrey

Point: if we legalize betting in sports then it may lead to spot fixing . which is a disadvantage to a society or to the the people who love the particular sports

Date: 2015-04-08 09:12:24

Added by: shivam

Point: gambling is not good for indian environment .it is bad for economic development of our country.basically it remove to our mind.

Date: 2015-04-02 23:13:17

Added by: kumar harsh

Point: a/c to me it should be banned bcz many people loosing their lives and loosing their hard earned money at that instant.bcz that instant they are more excited but after theyfill guilty in that cases

Date: 2015-03-04 19:52:40

Added by: pankaj verma

Point: What about social values, if gambling will be ligalised in India. Every person wether below 15

Date: 2015-02-08 18:23:17