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Election 2014 India

A general election held in 2014 will be the next election for the 16th Lok Sabha in India. We would like to request each and every youngster to go and vote. Voting is very important if you donít like the candidate you can now reject that candidate. Itís easy to say that choosing 1 person over other doesnít change anything but at least we can throw scammer out of governance for some time.

Main Parties:

NDA (Main party BJP)

Narendra Modi will be face of BJP in 2014 general election. Party president Rajnath Singh announced on 13th Sept 2013 Narendra Modi as PM candidate for 2014 general election. Before voting for NDA, letís see what NDA did in last tenure. The NDA regime began with a bang - yes, literally with a bang. India became nuclear. Jaswant Singh convinced the US that a democratic nuclear India was not a threat to the US.NDA worked enormously to bring peace in Kashmir and its Kashmir policy is laudable. Vajpayee made three attempts to strike a deal with Pakistan including the Lahore bus journey and also the Agra Summit. Winning Kargil was an achievement of NDA govt. Two of the major incidents that happened were Kandhar hijack and Attack on Indian parliament. Both were looked like failure for NDA government. NDA created a separate ministry of Disinvestment and made massive disinvestments including that of BALCO and Maruti. In 2002, Godhra happened and the entire BJP leadership kept quiet. NDA was failed to fix long promised ayodhya problem during its tenure. The famous scams of their tenure were Tehelka scam, UTI ,reddy brother scam in karnatka,Centaur Hotel Scam.

UPA (Main party congress)

Congress lead government is in power right now. UPA started its era by announcing NREGA. It was a pretty much a populist measure aimed at getting votes. Among the major achievements of the UPA govt, two things stand out. The first was RTI while second was the Nuclear Deal. Under UPA, India has increased its influence tremendously in Afghanistan. On the fiscal front, the UPA fared very badly and has failed to meet the targets set by FRBM. It is also important to note that Indian economy grew at 8% during UPA which means that Fiscal Deficit increased in real terms in the UPA era despite the 8% growth.
After 4 years, or rather 9 years (5 years of UPA-I and 4 of UPA-II), in office the scam-tainted UPA government is reeling under several setbacks over corruption controversies. Famous Scams are Coal scam (186 lakh corores),2G spectrum scam(1.76 lakh corores),Chopper scam(3600 corores),Military truck scam,Commonwealth Games(90 corores),Cash-for-vote scam, Adarsh scam. Inflation and rupee fall was biggest failure for UPA government and petrol prices hiked till the point that now people have stopped buying vehicles.

Main leaders:

Narendra Modi :

Narendra Damodardas Modi (born 17 September 1950) is the 14th and current Chief Minister of Gujarat..He is the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP and the Centre-right National Democratic Alliance for the upcoming 2014 Indian general elections. While his administration has been criticised for the incidents surrounding the 2002 Gujarat violence, he has also been praised for his economic policies which are credited with creating the environment for the high economic growth in Gujarat.In three opinion polls conducted by news agencies and magazines, Narendra Modi was the preferred choice among Indians for the post as Prime Minister in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Narendra modi has proved himself a good leader in Gujrat but his credentials at the time of Gujrat riots was not very impressive.

Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi (born 19 June 1970) is the Vice President of the Indian National Congress and the Chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India. Congress not yet announced Rahul as Prime Minister Candidate for upcoming election. Rahul Gandhi is not a political brand yet. He was projected as someone with enormous potential by congress party. Upcoming elections will decide the future of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Rahul supported Lokpal bill. But his winning capacities during the assembly elections in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab have been found completely inadequate

Right to reject:

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court gave the citizens of India the right to reject all candidates in elections. Hearing a petition filed by the People's Union for Civil Liberties, an NGO, the apex court ruled that the Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs should have a button that will allow the voters to choose "none of the above" option. ďNegative voting would lead to systemic change in polls and political parties will be forced to project clean candidates," the bench added.

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