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should criminals be allowed in indian politics?


As per surveys in INDIA 30 % of politicians are criminal over all.Why criminals are allowed in India politics? When criminals are not allowed in government or private jobs.

As per the law an MP or members of the states’ Legislative Assemblies or Councils would be unseated immediately if convicted of a crime.But there is a loophole which allow MPs and MLAs/ MLCs to retain their seats if they appealed their convictions within three months.

Last year Supreme Court judgement disqualifying MPs and MLAs convicted for crimes punishable with a jail term of two years or more. The SC verdict was aimed at checking the growing criminalization of Indian politics; the ordinance will save MPs and MLAs their seats even after they have been convicted and sentenced.

But Union government's endeavour to bring in an ordinance to keep the rights of convicted legislators intact to a great extent and protect them from immediate disqualification was a clear indication that even verdicts of the apex court could be made meaningless for selfish political purposes.

Figures were just the tip of the iceberg, with plenty more politicians expected to file similar affidavits.India's politicians have long come under fire for their doubtful backgrounds.

A former chief minister of Bihar was allowed to continue governing his state while his corruption case dragged on for years.

An ADR survey last year found nearly one third of MPs in the nation's 543-member lower house of parliament, and an almost equal number of state lawmakers, had criminal cases against them.Cleaning up Indian politics is an issue at this election.

The issue of convicted MPs made national headlines last July when the Supreme Court ruled it was illegal for politicians, found guilty of serious crimes, to continue to hold office simply by filing an appeal against their conviction.

In a major embarrassment, the government was forced to reverse its plans to overturn that ruling.

Who bring these criminals to parliament? Indian public so though law is making rules to throw criminals out .As a citizens we should also not give vote to these criminals.


  • Criminals should be allowed as they are part of society and they should be allowed to participate in democratic process.


  • There is no question of discussion, As criminals are not allowed in government/private jobs.How we can allow them to be our leader?
  • How we can hand over more power to those people who don't abide the laws and harm someone.
  • How we can support those political parties who are supporting criminals?
  • Criminals can not be allowed in politics in any way because they will spread corruption and take benefit of public properties for their personal purpose.
  • Criminals should be banned completely from the politics and should not be allowed to participate in politics if they have convicted for any crime.


  • Criminals can not be allowed in politics.Voters should not vote for criminals.No vote for criminals.
  • The government should make decriminalisation a national priority. There is a nexus of money and power in politics and the government and judiciary have to build safeguards against these.

Contributed by: Studyfreak

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Added by: sahey

Point: we people donot fully trust a candidate with no criminal background.. so how can we hand over our nation into the hands of criminals...

Date: 2014-06-13 21:47:54