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Corruption is main outcome of democracy in India. (IIML)


  • Democracy provides equality to everyone, from whatsoever background and competency; it makes easier to play around loopholes in India.

  • Democracy does not play a direct role to promote corruption but it gives power to people who are incapable and have their own aims and selfishness.

  • In democracy a person is chosen by population. This procedure could be faulty because human being can be motivated trough means of greed or fear.

  • Democracy leads to vote politics and vote politics leads to the decisions, which are favourable to some groups of society. Such decisions and policies are not good for nation's growth.


  • The risk of Democracy is a systemic risk; corruption is a personal equation and holds good or bad depending on an individual's and organisation's personal value systems. The two should therefore not be construed/ read as a cause- effect relationship.

  • Democracy gives choice to people to select leaders. If people choose wrong leaders than democracy cannot be blamed.

  • Democracy is a beautiful system, where people choose their leader. So responsibility is on shoulders of citizens to choose a right capable leader who can take right and rational decision. More good people should join politics and people should vote right people.


  • Democracy doesn't support corruption at all. But people themselves are greedy and selfish who are motivated for corruption.

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