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Website for CAT preparation material.MBA, Engnieering & Medical entrance exams.GD topics.

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GD Topics

GD topics with Explaination

Factual GD topics

Factual GD topics(one dimensional) are about facts.A participant can put lot of facts to support these topics.One can prepare very well for these topics with researching well.These topics can be social economic topics. or controversial or from day to day life.These topics are topics which are meant for speech.So participants just have to put facts and knowledge he has about in front of the group.Best way is to deal with these topics is summarize what you know and try to put all the points in clear and concise way at first later group can discuss all the points one by one without debating on the issues.

  1. Leadership
  2. Work Ethics
  3. Bigamy
  4. Vegetarianism
  5. The Hippocratic Oath
  6. Computer Viruses
  7. Why do we lag behind China?
  8. Capitalism
  9. Govt contribution to IT
  10. War on Iraq
  11. How to deal with international terrorism.
  12. What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?

Debatable GD topics

The topics which are having clearly 2 sides.negative positive ,yes no;opposite to each other.So participent has to take one side.Partcipent can take a middile way also but most of the time in group discussion of there topics paricipents takes extreme ends of the issue and start fighting (Fish market situation).a fish market is always unacceptable for any group discussion.It shows the disability of partipents of not getting friendly with group discussion.In situation of fish market one should sit calmly or if possible then try to divert the attention of group to positive direction so they can be calm and discuss the topic properly.

  1. Woman are better manager then man
  2. freshers are better then laterals!
  3. western culture adopted by india fair or not?
  4. Is corrupt but efficient politicians better than honest and in-efficient politicians.
  5. Only one super power is better then two for world.
  6. US war on Iraq-justified or not.
  7. Have the nuclear tests of 1998 benefited or harmed India?
  8. is china a threat to indian industry
  9. Love marriage/Arranged marriage.
  10. Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?
  11. Is dependence on computers a good thing?
  12. Should the public sector be privatized?
  13. Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished? yes or no

Abstract GD topics

Abstract topics are the topics which are not from day to day life or practical life .These topics ar most of the times imaginary or hypothetical.

  1. Blue rose
  2. The Wheel is Turning Round and Round
  3. When I woke up in the morning I saw…
  4. A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms
  5. How can we have Mount Everest in India?
  6. There is no right way to do a wrong thing
  7. If I was the Finance Minister/Prime Minister
  8. Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Other GD topics

The other topics can contain any thing which not part of above 3 never know what the instructor is going to ask,There is always minute possibility that instrctor will give some adhoc discussion or put some dilemma question on which you have to take a side and tell your view. vada pav v/s burger who will you save your mother or wife who will you save your girlfriend or best friend Below are Categorization of GD topics based on other factors

Social GD topics

  1. Are Big Dams Necessary?
  2. Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
  3. A Gandhian State selling liquor is an anomaly
  4. Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.
  5. Our Culture is Decaying
  6. We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment
  7. The education system needs serious reforms
  8. The impact of MTV on our psyche
  9. Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.
  10. Let us legalize gambling


  1. Developing countries need trade, not aid.
  2. Why do we lag behind China?
  3. Capitalism is a very flawed system but the others are so much worse.
  4. Flexibility of labor laws is the key to attracting more Foreign Direct Investment.
  5.  Is the business of business only business?
  6. In our economic matters, there is an excessive tendency towards the thinking rather than doing.
  7. Every cloud has a silver lining
  8. Can the economy achieve an 8 percent growth rate?.
  9. Is disinvestment really that good for India or is a rethink in order ?
  10. Are co-operatives relevant in today's globalized environment?.
  11.  Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that can stimulate in small doses but become fatally addictive in larger doses.
  12. Modern day sport in industrialized society is an industry, as anything else.
  13. Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.
  14. Is the NPA ordinance too harsh?
  15. Reforms have to grow up.
  16. The future lies with globalization .
  17.  Is the consumer really the king in India?.
  18. Globalisation versus nationalism
  19.  Conditional access system for cable TV watchers: boon or bane?
  20. If India is poorly governed, the reason is that we have designed our system of governance for protecting, if not encouraging, corruption?
  21. Commercialization of health care : Good or Bad ?
  22. For globalization to succeed in India people must be able to see what is in it for them
  23. Is the US economy headed the Japanese economy way?
  24. Economic freedom not old fashioned theories of development will lead to growth and prosperity
  25. Markets left to themselves encourage greed.
  26. For globalization to succeed in India people must be able to see what is in it for them
  27. Should businessmen run the finance ministry
  28. Should important services like transport be left to market forces?.
  29. Is there any point in having a business strategy when the world changes from month to month?
  30. Is the patents bill good for India? . 26. Is the business of business only business?.
  31. Globalization is good for developing countries
  32. Public sector being a guarantor of job security is a myth.
  33. Is industry less growth here to stay ?
  34. Capitalism is a very flawed system but the others are so much worse ?
  35. How can business get rid of the bad name that it has earned?
  36. Government pumping money into the economy is not the solution for our economic problems
  37. Business ethics are no longer a luxury for corporates but a necessity?
  38. How should privatization proceeds be utilized ?
  39. Is the budgeting exercise of any use?
  40. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped ?
  41. Will Mumbai's film industry ever evolve into a truly modern corporatised one?
  42. Will market reforms enrich rich states further, while poorer ones lag further?.
  43. Why do we lag behind China ?
  44. Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies ?.
  45. Why not use a brand index to measure national prosperity?.
  46. What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies.
  47. War rhetoric is misplaced in a country like India which is trying to globalise its economy.
  48. Trade can help the poor ?
  49. The power ministry should cut off supplies to all the defaulting SEBs.
  50. Steal a few lakhs and you're a criminal. Steal a few hundred crores and you become an industrialist.
  51. Should PSUs be divested through strategic sale or public offer?
  52. The state is above the law?


  1. Reserving seats for women in Panchayat has not only been a farce but has distracted from developing a more genuine voice of women.
  2. Have the nuclear tests of 1998 benefited or harmed India?
  3. Voters, not, political parties are responsible for the criminalisation of politics.
  4. The voters are required to be well informed and educated about their candidates so that they can elect the right aspirant by their own assessment.
  5. India should go for the presidential form of democracy.

Management GD topics

  1. Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience
  2. Democracy is hampering India progress
  3. MBA in India is highly overrated. Religion is a private affair and should be of no concern for the state
  4. Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour
  5. Is management an art or a science?
  6. The Rush for MBA is really a rush for big money
  7. Ethics in Business are just a passing fashion
  8. The objective of Management is to maximise profits
  9. Do professional managers have a chance in our family run businesses?
  10. The Internet is an exercise in hype
  11. Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?
  12. Family owned business vs professionally run businesses
  13. Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.
  14. Dot com or doubt com?


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