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Medical Courses

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or in Latin Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (abbreviated in various ways, viz. "BMBS", MB BChir, BM BCh, MB BCh, MB ChB, MBBS,M.B.B.S. etc.) are the two first professional medical degrees awarded upon graduation from medical school in medicine and surgery by universities in various countries . The naming suggests that they are two separate degrees; however, in practice, they are considered as one and awarded simultaneously.These medical courses are fairly popular in India.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree course. This medical course includes  4 ½ years of classroom study which is divided into three parts of three semesters each. A wide  range of subjects such as surgery, radiology, pathology, dermatology, biochemistry, psychiatry,  ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology. Anatomy and preventive medicine are studied in the  course of classroom study period. The final 1½ years are set aside for medical internship.  During this period , the students are involved in clinical work in the departments of the  hospital.medical entrance exams has been conducted for admission for these medical courses.

Medical colleges in India award MBBS. Licenciate qualifications in medicine and surgery, LMS or  LMP, were also formerly awarded after a shorter medical course, originally at a "medical school"  rather than a "medical college".

In addition, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Bombay formerly awarded a licentiate at  LMS level, a membership (MCPS) at MB BS level and a fellowship (FCPS) at MD level. The State  Medical Faculty of West Bengal (previously of Bengal) similarly gave licentiates and memberships  on an external basis.

Below is list of medical courses available in india.
  1. Medical course: M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery)Course DURATION: 4.5 years
  2. Medical course: B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) Course  DURATION: 4 years
  3. Medical course: B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Course  DURATION: 4 years
  4. Medical course: B.Sc Nursing Course  DURATION: 3 years
  5. Medical course: B.P.T (Physiotherapy) Course  DURATION: 3 years
  6. Medical course: B.O.T (Occupational Therapy) Course  DURATION: 3 years
  7. Medical course: B.H.M.S(Homeopathy Medicine) Course  DURATION: 3 years
  8. Medical course: B.U.M.S(Unani Medicine) Course  DURATION: 5 years
  9. Medical course: Optometry Course  DURATION: 2 years
  10. Medical course: Ophthalmic Assistant Medical course Course  DURATION: 2 years
  11. Medical course: Histopathalogical Lab Technology Course  DURATION: 1 year
  12. Medical course : B.A.M.S(Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) Course  DURATION: 4 years
  13. Medical course: D. Pharma(Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) Course  DURATION: 1 year
  14. Medical course: Lab Technicians Course  DURATION: 1 year
  15. Medical course: Sanitary Inspector Medical course Course  DURATION: 1 year
  16. Medical course: General Nursing Training Medical course Course  DURATION: 3.5 years
  17. Medical course: Orthopedist Medical course Course  DURATION: 2 years
  18. Medical course: Dental Mechanic Medical course Course  DURATION: 2 years
  19. Medical course: Dental Hygienist Medical course Course  DURATION: 2 years
  20. Medical course: Bachelor of Occupationaltherapy Course  DURATION: 3 years
  21. Medical course: Radiological Assistant Course  DURATION: 1 year
  22. Medical course: Radiography [Diagnosis & Therapy] Course  DURATION: 2 years
  23. Medical course: Nuclear Medicine Technology Course  DURATION: 2 years

Brief detail of few popular medical courses in India

  1. M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery): MBBS is the medical degree awarded in many  countries like UK, India. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.these both degrees are awarded simultaneously.Course DURATION: 5.5 yrs
  2. B.D.S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery): Bachelor of Dental Surgery ( B.D.S ) is a first professional degree  Programme in dentistry.Course DURATION: 4 yrs
  3. B.H.M.S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery): The Homeopathic Education in India is presently regulated by the National Institute of Homeopathy.Applicant should have passed HSC Exam from Statutory Board/University in India or equivalence.Course DURATION: 5.5 yrs
  4. B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery): This degree is awarded to those students who have studied ayurveda system of medicine in India. The Ayurvedic Education in India is presently regulated by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM). Course DURATION: 5.5 yrs
  5. M.D. (Doctor of Medicine): This degree is awarded to Physicians.Doctors possessing M.B.B.S. degree are eligible to for this course.Course DURATION: 3 yrs
  6. M.S. (Master of Surgery): This degree is awarded to doctors who are doing masters in Surgery.Doctors possessing M.B.B.S. degree are eligible to for this course.Course DURATION: 3 yrs
  7. D.M : This is a doctrate degree awarded by many universities in US and is equivalent to a PhD degree. Doctors possessing M.D. degree are eligible to for this course.Course DURATION: 2-3 yrs M.Ch.: The M.Ch degree is the highest degree under the faculty of medicine. Applicant should have M.S. degree to be eligible for M.Ch.Course DURATION: 2 yrs
  8. B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) : Applicant must pass  12th class or equivalent  with  minimum average   percent of 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology. or DPharma (Diploma in Pharmacy).This medical course is mandatory to get a medical shop license in India.Course DURATION: 4 yrs
  9. B.Sc. Nursing : In order to eligible one must pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Biology with a minimum of 45% average marks.The objective of B.Sc. Nursing programme is to train nurses with necessary skills, This medical course is a path to become nurse in india.Course DURATION: 4 yrs
  10. B.P.T (Physiotherapy) : Applicant must pass  12th class or equivalent  with  minimum average   percent of 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology. Candidate should clear in english subject also.Course DURATION: 4.5 yrs
  11. B.O.T (Occupational Therapy) : It is a 3 year medical program.In order to eligible one must pass 10+2 with PCB (physics, chemistry and biology). Some institutions may arrange  an entrance exam and select candidates on the basis of performance in the medical entrance test.Course DURATION: 3 yrs
  12. B.U.M.S ( Unani Medicine ) : Candidate  for B.U.M.S. medical course must have passed Intermediate (10 + 2) with Physics , Chemistry & Biology. Urdu is mandatory up to 10th class or equivalent .Candidate must have attain minimum 17 yrs of age as on 31st December of the responding year.This medical course is based on unani medical methods.Course DURATION: 5.5 yrs
  13. Optometry : Optometry is a science that is associated with structure, working and function of human eye. EYECET examination is necessary to pass to go for B. Optom Degree.Course DURATION: 2 yrs
  14. Ophthalmic Assistant Course : An ophthalmic assistant is a guy who works with an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to provide patient care by performing many different eye-related clinical functions.One should have a high school diploma or equivalent to get admission.

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