Website for CAT preparation material.MBA, Engnieering & Medical entrance exams.GD topics.
Website for CAT preparation material.MBA, Engnieering & Medical entrance exams.GD topics.

Content is comming here as you probably can see.Content is comming here as you probably can see.

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abeyance abjure abjure abjure
abrogate abrogate abstemious abstruse
acarpous accolade acerbity acquiescence
acquit acrimonious adhere adhere
admonition adroit adroit adulterate
adulteration adversity affiliation alacrity
alacrity alienate alleviate alleviate
alleviate aloof aloof altruism
altruism altruistic amalgamate amalgamate
amalgamate amalgamate amass ambiguous
ambiguous amelioration amelioration amelioration
amenable amicable amorphous amorphous
amplify amplify anathema anathema
anathematize ancillary anemic anodyne
anomalous anomaly anonymous antediluvian
antipathy antipathy antithesis antithesis
aplomb apostate apostate appease
apposite apprehend apropos aptitude
archaic arrant arrhythmic artifice
artifice artisan artlessness ascend
asceticism aseptic askew aspersions
aspersions asset assuage assuage
assuage assuaged asteroid astute
astute attenuate atypical authentic
autonomous avarice avarice aver
aver aversion avid avid
avid awry baleful baleful
balm banal banal banal
bane baneful baneful beatific
beatific bedizen belated belittle
benevolent benign benign benignity
benison bent berate berserk
bestial billingsgate blanch bland
blandishment blas??? blithe boisterous
bolster bolster bombast boorish
boycott brackish brindled brook
bucolic burnish cadge calligraphy
callow callow callow calumniate
camaraderie candid capacious capitulation
capricious captious carnal carnivorous
carousal carping carte blanche catalyze
catholic caucus celerity celibate
censure centrifugal centripetal cessation
cessation chaffing chaotic chary
chaste chaste chasten chide
chimerical chimerical choleric choleric
choleric choleric churlish churlish
circuitous circuitous clandestine clemency
clich??? coagulate cogent cogent
cognizance cognizant cognoscitive cohesion
colloquial comatose comity commodious
commodious commodious compatible compendious
complacency complaisance compliant compound
compound conciliate concur condign
condign condone condone conduce
conform conjecture console console
contamination contemplated contiguity convivial
conviviality convoke convoke corroborate
corroborate corroboration cower coy
cozen crabbed crass crass
crass crass craven cryptic
cudgel cupidity cupidity cupidity
current cursory cursory curtail
cynical dank dastard dauntless
dauntless debacle debilitate debility
debonair decant declivity decorous
decorous decorous decrepit decry
defalcate defection deference defile
delete deleterious demise denunciation
deposition depravity depredation deranged
derisive derogatory desecrate desiccate
desiccate despicable destitute destitute
destitute desuetude desultory deterioration
devoid devout diabolical diatribe
differentiate diffidence dilate dilate
dilation dilatory dilatory dilettante
diminution disabuse disarm discern
disconsolate discrete disheveled disingenuous
disinterested disjointed disjointed disjointed
disparage disparage disputatious disrupt
dissemble dissipate dissonance dissonant
dissuade dissuade dissuade distend
divulge doff doleful dolorous
dolt doltish dormant drivel
droll ductility dwindle eclectic
eclectic eclectic effluvia effluvia
effrontery effrontery effrontery egress
egress egress elated elicit
emaciated emaciation emancipate embellish
eminent emollient endemic enervate
enervate enervate enigmatic enigmatic
enmity ennui ensconce ensemble
ensue ephemeral ephemeral ephemeral
equable equable equanimity equanimity
equanimity equivocal equivocal erratic
ersatz erudite erudite eschew
esoteric esoteric ethereal eulogistic
euphonious euphonious euphony euphoria
evasive evasive evince exasperate
exasperate excoriate excoriate exculpate
exculpate exculpate execrable execrate
exhort exhume exhume exhume
exodus exonerate exorbitant expatiate
expunge extant extant extemporaneous
extinguish extirpate extirpate extraneous
extrinsic extrovert factitious factitious
fallacy fantastic fatuous fawning
feasible feasible feckless fecund
felicity fell ferrous fervid
fervid fetid fettered fiasco
fickle fidelity flaccid flagrant
flamboyant flaunt fledgling fledgling
fledgling flinch
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