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Indian School of Business's partners include Kellogg School of Management, Wharton Business School and London Business School .The accelerated one-year post graduate programme course is ISB's speciality.

The Indian School of Business is listed as #20 among the top 100 global B-schools by the Financial Times annual MBA 2008 rankings.ISB is the first Indian B-School to find place in FT-Global B-School rankings and has made it to #20 in the very first year of its inclusion in FT Global Rankings.

The Indian School of Business is located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. It enjoys the locational advantage of being close to Microsoft (IDC,GDCI,MGSI), Infosys, Wipro, Virtusa and IIIT. The campus is rich in resources. A virtual campus tour is available on the institution's homepage.[4] ISB Student community consists of four housing blocks, each accommodating up to 130 students at a time.
Indian School of Business Academic building

The institution enjoys a world-class faculty drawn from the top business schools. It follows a model of having a mix of visiting and resident faculty. During the course of the term, the visiting faculty stays on campus providing students with an opportunity to interact with them outside of classroom hours.

The institution houses a state-of-the-art library with over 14,000 books, 1000 AV resources, 360 print journals, a Computer Centre with online access to 36 online databases including over 2,000 e-journals.[5]

A recreation center provides students access to a gym, swimming pool, basketball courts, squash courts, badminton and football grounds. There is also a small creche for kids.

Academic programmes

The Indian School of Business has a programmed focus on managing business in fast-evolving environments, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce, and managing the emerging markets of Asia.
We offer a unique one-year full time Post Graduate Programme for candidates with work experience, a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship Programme, and Executive Programmes.

The ISB works closely with its associate schools and academic area leaders to create contemporary programmes that blend Western concepts into the Asian context. The corporate-academia partnership has shaped the School in three ways: it has ensured that the content for our programmes is relevant and well-timed, that it is international in its perspectives, and is delivered at world-class standards.

Recruiters, in particular, find the diversity of our PGP graduates very useful.

The academic programmes at the Indian School of business providesthe latest practices and trends in management education with theflexibility to explore different areas of interest. ISB's learningmodel emphasises on the close connection between management educationand management practices that focuses on creating business leaders.

The Programmes offered by the institute include:

  • One Year Post Graduate Programme in Management
  • Post Doctoral Programme in Management
  • Executive Programmes

One year post graduate programme in management

The one year programme in management education follows a combination of core courses, selected electives and an experiential learning project, which allows students to interact with the industry. The core courses, taught over eight terms, teach the basics of Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Competitive Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Decision Making, Investment Analysis, Operations Management, Fundamentals of E-Commerce and Technology and Government Society and Business.

The programme follows an April to April yearly schedule consisting of eight terms out of which four are for Core courses and four for Electives. The Experiential Learning Project is an integral part of the programme in which students, in groups of three to four, work on live projects in a corporate environment.

The institute places emphasis on students with prior work experience and has a recommended minimum work experience of 2 years. The admission process invites applications from students with good Graduate Management Admission Test scores and relevant work experience. The shortlisted students are then interviewed by a panel of two to three people mostly drawn from the ISB faculty and alumni.

Post doctoral programme in management

The institute believes in nurturing research in management and aims to contribute to the academicians and the industry. The Business Research Fellowship Programme (BRE) intends to focus on issues afflicting industries in both developing and developed markets.

The duration of the programme is up to 2 years and 4 months. The fellows would be required to publish their research in business/management in leading journals and also help the faculty in classes and in research. The school also provides qualified fellows opportunity to spend a couple of semesters in top business schools.

The programme expects the individual to demonstrate capabilities to do research. It looks for scholars with Ph. D in computer science, Statistics, Operational Research etc. The selection is based on past research, Statement of Purpose, Recommendations followed by an on-campus presentation and interview.

Executive programmes

The Center for Executive Education (CEE) conducts management programmes of short and long term duration for middle and top management executives. The faculty for these programmes are drawn from the best across the globe in imparting executive trainings and with exposure to consulting for large organizations.

The programmes conducted by CEE for executives can be classified into 3 broad categories.

    * Open Programmes
    * General Management
    * Customised Programmes

The CEE offers Open Programmes on Marketing, Strategy and Leadership, Finance and Accounting and Operations and Technology. Along with top-notch faculty and innovative curriculum these programmes provide great opportunities for networking amongst the executives and share and learn from each other's experiences. These programmes draw a diverse set of entrepreneurs, CEO's and managers from a wide spectrum of industries.

The General Management Programme offered by CEE include Managing Young Global Enterprise (MY GLOBE), ISB Kellog Global Advanced Management Programme and Accelerated Management Programme. These programmes aim to transform the performance of both the individual and the organizations they represent or lead.

The CEE of the Indian School of Business also offers customized management programmes to meet the specific needs of organizations. ISB works with the clients to establish an integrated partnership based on what it calls a 4-D approach to learning. Discover, Develop, Design and Deliver.


The faculty at the Indian School of Business includes eminent management intellectuals with research and teaching experience from the best B-schools in the world. The distinctive research of our faculty members ensures that our programmes offer content that is contemporary and global in its perspective.

Over 105 visiting faculty from the best B-schools in USA, Europe, Australia, and various Asian countries complement the expertise of our resident faculty. As prize-winning academicians, authors, and entrepreneurs, they represent a highly valued asset to the School. With the School gaining international recognition, many research scholars from around the world visit the ISB on long-term sabbaticals. Students have the opportunity to gain from an exchange of ideas with them and with Academic Fellows.

In addition, under the Professors of Management Practice, we get corporate leaders and acclaimed academicians to share their experiences with the students.

ISB boasts of world class faculty. Visiting faculty from the business schools around the world come and offer courses at ISB. These professors come from various fields of research and specialization and from schools such as Wharton, Kellogg, London Business School, UCLA, Kenan-Flagler, Duke, Haas, UCLA Anderson, and Cornell among others.

Apart from them, there are good number of in-house resident faculty. A profile of the ISB faculty can be found on the ISB website.

Global Presense

The Indian School of Business believes that international exposure is the key to success in today's economy. From cultural awareness and foreign language proficiency to understanding the world marketplace, this international exposure is built into the system through:

    * Our faculty, who have experience in some of the leading business schools or corporations. With the School gaining international recognition, many research scholars from around the world visit the ISB on long-term sabbaticals. Visiting faculty from Wharton, Kellogg, London Business School, Cornell, Chicago, Duke, and UCLA, among others, teach at the ISB.

    * Our students, a large percentage of who come with international graduate degrees in various fields and/or global work experience, bring a unique flavour to the campus.

    * Our programmes, such as the International Student Exchange Programme for the PGP students, give an opportunity to study for two terms at other leading business schools. The ISB has partnerships with 26 leading schools from the USA, France, South Africa, Israel, Germany, China, Pakistan and the UK for exchange programmes. Visiting students add to the diversity and peer learning experience on campus.

    * Our Executive programmes delivered by global business leaders and some programmes held in association with our partner schools.

    * International conferences and workshops that draw thought leaders from the global business community, policy makers and academia.


Academic Centre   

The heart of the campus is the Academic Centre which houses an extensive library, a computer lab, classrooms, faculty offices, administrative offices, six air-conditioned lecture theatres, meeting rooms, and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 400. It has a communications network that provides instant global connectivity. From the lecture theatres, students can interact by computer or video-link with faculty, industrial leaders and other students anywhere in the world. The special design of the attached break-out rooms and conference halls enables group study and dynamic interaction.

The Courtyard in the middle of the Academic Centre is the social hub of the campus, providing space for dining halls, service outlets, facilities and leisure.

IT Infrastructure   

The ISB uses technology to provide a competitive advantage in its core areas of education and research. State-of-the-art hardware and software ensure high quality and uninterrupted services. We have our own web, mail, and database servers to cater to the needs of our community.

Unique Features

    * Campus Local Area Network (LAN) providing 100% connectivity to the entire campus, including housing.
    * Wireless access to LAN in select open areas within the campus.
    * State-of-the-art audio-visual facilities in lecture theatres and classrooms.
    * Internet browsing facilities and integrated e-mail system accessible from anywhere in the campus, facilitating intra-campus and external collaboration.
    * The ISB website for in depth information on the School and its activities.
    * Placement portal for collaboration between graduating students, Career Services Office and prospective employers.

Internet Connectivity The high quality persistent bandwidth offers high speed and uninterrupted Internet connectivity from anywhere on the campus, through the campus LAN. The network is centrally connected to the Worldwide Web through dedicated pipes of bandwidth, adequate to meet the net browsing and e-mail needs of the ISB community. The bandwidth is sourced from multiple sources, in multiple modes and with multiple last mile connectivity paths, in order to ensure high availability of the facility. The ISB implements a very strict security policy to ensure the highest levels of network health and safety.

Campus Network The campus network at the ISB is built on a gigabit backbone providing end-to-end gigabit speed. With a complete 100% redundancy at core switch level, it is a highly available network, covering around 4000 data/voice interchangeable ports, covering all academic centres, lecture theatres, class rooms, student villages, executive and faculty housing. The wireless LAN enables connectivity to the Schools resources through the laptops from the academic Centre, LRC and select open areas in student villages.

E-mail system The e-mail system, which is the most widely used service on the ISB campus, offers a very user-friendly and comprehensive set of communication facilities. The e-mail system allows users to access mails, both from inside the campus and outside.

Data Centre The ISB builds and maintains a host of collaboration systems, mainly web sites or portals, facilitating global exchange of knowledge and ideas between students, faculty, recruiters and alumni. Access to the librarys extensive online databases is facilitated by the high-tech data centre. The data centre hosts two server banks that are connected to a central high capacity RAID-configured Storage Area Network.

Audio Visual Facilities The ISB is equipped with modern audio-visual technology facilities. The video-conferencing facilities are used for placement services, online seminars, especially with partner B-schools, and also for other educational and business conferences. The audio-visual facilities include the following:

    * Connectivity and projection from any prominent audio-visual device / media
    * Touch-pad operation, controlling cameras, lighting, voice, and window-drapes
    * Micro-phones on all student desks, integrated with the AV system
    * In addition to the above, the central AV control room provides the facilities of recording, editing, patching, format conversion, and digital storing.


Residential facilities for students, faculty and participants of the executive education programmes are on par with the best in the world. All apartments are serviced, fully furnished and equipped with a cable connection, voice and data ports for telephone, campus LAN and the Internet.

The Student Villages form the four cornerstones of the campus with a mix of four-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. Designed to foster academic and social activities, the common lounge is a meeting place for the students. None of the apartments is more than a 10 minute walk from any building on campus.

Each student village has a village centre where students can study, play or simply hang out. It holds a lounge, a game room, study room and a services area. A state-of-theart water treatment plant provides potable water in every room. Essential services like laundry and housekeeping are provided to ensure a comfortable stay on campus.


The Recreation Centre includes a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a room for yoga and aerobics, a basketball court, a football/cricket ground, squash courts and tennis courts. There are instructors for those who need training in any of the above activities.

The Fitness Centre is equipped with stationary cycles, steppers, treadmills, cross trainers and a multi-station gym. Proficient fitness instructors are on hand to provide guidance. A yoga instructor conducts classes between 6pm and 8pm on the weekdays.


At the Indian School of Business, the basic needs of students are catered to with a range of services for a comfortable stay on campus

Services include:

    * Food and beverage
    * Housekeeping
    * Transport
    * Laundry
    * Emergency services
    * Postal and Courier

The School has a number of facilities that takes care of all routine needs:

    * Convenience store for essential groceries and toiletries
    * Book store for Text books, periodicals, magazines, novels, and stationery
    * ICICI Bank extension counter and a 24 hour ATM facility
    * Documentation Centre for printing and photocopying
    * Travel desk for ticket reservation services on a chargeable basis
    * Wellness Centre has a nurse on duty 24/7, while a General Physician is available at specified timings
    * Security Officers to ensure the safety of the members of the ISB community
    * The IN Store for all the ISB branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, and stationery
    * Washing machines facility is also available in addition to laundry service

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