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Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy.

Quote by Henri de Lubac

Henri-Marie de Lubac, SJ (February 20, 1896 September 4, 1991) was a French Jesuit priest who became a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, and is considered to be one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century. His writings and doctrinal research played a key role in the shaping of the Second Vatican Council.

Habits are routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, without one's directly thinking consciously about them. Habitual behaviour often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks.

A bad habit is a negative behaviour pattern. Common examples include: procrastination, fidgeting, overspending, and nail-biting.
So basically habits are performed by the person unconsciously so many a times it waste resources .For example suppose you have a habit of overspending so you will be unconsciously spend lot of money.

But there are few habits which are good and make people influential. Suppose you have all the good habits like performing your routine at right time sleeping and waking up on right time then in that case habits can be very good factor to move ahead.
The Tetris effect occurs when an activity to which people devote sufficient time and attention begins to overshadow their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. It is named after the video game Tetris.

People who play Tetris for a prolonged amount of time may then find themselves thinking about ways different shapes in the real world can fit together, such as the boxes on a supermarket shelf or the buildings on a street. In this sense, the Tetris effect is a form of habit.
The term addiction is also sometimes applied to compulsions that are not substance-related, such as problem gambling and computer addiction. In these kinds of common usages, the term addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences, as deemed by the user himself to his individual health, mental state, or social life.

The applicability of the word "addiction" to these conditions is controversial, and there is not a universal consensus as to the most appropriate phrase used to describe these conditions as a class. Commonly used phrases include behavioral addiction and "non-substance-related addiction".

So it's true that, habits and routines have the unbelievable power to waste and destroy but if it can be used in positive way it can change life of a person.

Bad habits of famous people

FDR had at least four predisposing factors for sleep apnea:
A history of polio in 1921 (at age 39). He smoked. He had heart failure. He snored.
Franklin Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States, 1933-1945. Lived 1882-1945.

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Point: ya it is very right that habit and routine have unbelievable power to waste and destroy but if we wish and try our hard we can change our habit and giving our 100% to change it then i believe it will change .

Date: 2013-03-06 10:31:16

Added by: pravin v prajapati

Point: when over habit is strong part in life so it is control to habit in positively way and good habit so alternatively more way to use it like example : i will give to respect and other automatically give respect too all it good habit

Date: 2011-10-15 00:05:13