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Kohinoor must be returned to India


  • Kohinoor is cultural property of India. Indians have full right to take their historical artefacts back.

  • Most of the articles wrongfully transferred to British museum during the period of east India Company.

  • An artefact achieves a higher aesthetic level only in true archaeological setting. A mummy must be in an Egyptian pyramid, not placed out of context in a museum in London.

  • A noble service to mankind's common heritage can come with restoration of these artefacts to their source countries.

  • Kohinoor was part of the treaty of Lahore signed between defeated Sikhs and British.


  • This is another example of misplaced national pride.

  • Fighting over ownership of historical artefacts that's date back hundreds of years back is unnecessary.

  • Kohinoor could be legitimately claimed by more than one country. In case of Kohinoor it could be argued, belong as much to Afghanistan and Iran countries that were home to the diamond for a significant period of history as to India.

  • This is never ending debate and there is little benefit in pursuing it.

  • Even artefact in other country but history behind a particular artefact cannot be erased. Nobody can deny the Kohinoor is from India.

  • Museum among the world should coordinate and take turns in displaying these globally claimed artefacts.

  • Archaeological survey of India (ASI) which is claiming Kohinoor has not having proven track record of preserving the historical heritage.

  • Even few days back the Rabindranath Tagore's noble prize medal was stolen which shows how much we care about our national treasures.

  • Rather than claiming new artefacts we have to save existing treasures of India.


  • Kohinoor should come to India But we have to take action for preserving existing archaeological treasures also

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Added by: adil warsi

Point: kohinoor is the heart of india so we never forget about it

Date: 2014-05-22 08:43:22