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Should India have Two-party system ?

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Two Party system is a system where only two political parties are part of elections.Examples of countries with two-party systems include the United States, Jamaica and (an exception to the rule) Malta.Other parties can be part of any one of these parties.

In Favor of Two-party system ?

  • Two-party system can lead to political stability which leads, in turn, to economic growth. Historian Patrick Allitt of the Teaching Company suggested that it is difficult to overestimate the long term economic benefits of political stability. Sometimes two-party systems have been seen as preferable to multi-party systems because they are simpler to govern, with less fractiousness and harmony, while multi-party systems can sometimes lead to hung parliaments. Italy, with a multi-party system, has had years of divisive politics since 2000, although analyst Silvia Aloisi suggested in 2008 that the nation may be moving closer to a two-party arrangement.

  • In India we have multi party system which is reason for chaos in India.Any one every one in our democracy is making his own party for what so ever shelfish reasons of community or city or village or religion.But no one is thinking about India as a whole.

  • On all levels all small parties are wasting their energy to oppose each other and not focusing on the development that's why we need two party system.

  • In India we have so many religions,cultures and societies.Few greedy people making their own parties based on these diversities so they are using our diversity for personal shelfishness and using it as vote bank.What we need is 2 party system where people cant use diversity between people as political weapon.

  • 2 party system can save lot of resources which are being wasted in election process.More the parties we have expenditure on the election would be more.We can use that money in better things.

Against of Two-Party system.

  • India is famous as it is the only nation which have real democracy.Any one can make his own party.

  • Two-party systems have been criticized for downplaying alternative views, and putting a damper on debate within a nation.

  • Lisa Jane Disch criticizes two-party systems for failing to provide enough options since only two choices are permitted on the ballot in election.

  • Ross Perot's former campaign manager wrote that the problem with having only two parties is that the nation loses "the ability for things to bubble up from the body politic and give voice to things that arenít being voiced by the major parties


We need a united India.A democracy where any one can create a party based on religion/community/ village/city can only promote chaos.We need a system where our political scenario can be more stable.We don't want to see parties who just waste their energy fighting each other for religions or community.If two party system is not possible in India then at least we should think about limiting the count of parties.

Contributed by: ashishjits

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Added by: Paras

Point: as I read a lot of topics about this debate but I found it a really good one among all of them. And it also collaborate with history and rhe lunes used by the writer was totally true.

Date: 2019-06-30 23:32:09

Added by: Harish Surapureddu


I would go with the points mentioned in the conclusion part, that if it is not possible for a two party system; India should have a few parties may be three I would say so that it stands neutral to the policies of both the parties and would fight against them in the parliament..

Date: 2016-06-13 12:03:02

Added by: Anurag Meena


If there will be two party system in india so, there will be save of time. It takes maximum 2 or 3 year to implement any decision in multi party system. But in by party system any law or decision can pass in no time.

Date: 2016-02-09 08:59:37

Added by: srija reddy

Point: yes we need to have the two party system because to show that their party is better the other party may serve more for the people and bring more reforms.

Date: 2015-05-15 09:35:57

Added by: chetan singh dashoni

Point: if we will have 2 party system in india we can overcome from the curent problems that we are fassing nowerdays . example.. price rise , coraption , etc because if there will be 2 party in india they can have good look over india and can run the country very well

Date: 2013-10-18 03:12:48

Added by: shruthik vemula

Point: yes we shold have two parties system so that it makes easy for the voter to elect

Date: 2013-06-14 02:47:59

Added by: B.Jayshree kamath [10th std - RBI school]

Point: b'coz of multi-party there is fight between leaders so people choosing diff party are fight wighting with people belonging to other partie this may creat chaos between people which may become a big issue .

Date: 2012-11-19 09:11:18