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Profit is only business of business.


  • Definitely I feel Businessmen are getting richer now and they are not contributing for social causes.

  • Industries are only spreading all kinds of pollution in society.

  • Social work done by corporates is miniature as compared to assets they are taking from society.

  • The fundamental principle of business is capitalization. Capitalization is based only on profit.

  • Definition of business: Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, most being privately owned and formed to earn profit to increase the wealth of owners. So basically it is for earning profit for owners.


  • In current time, businesses are running in a corporate structure so money is going to many people. It includes staff and shareholders.

  • Each and every well build organization is giving their profit to charity.

  • The Core capitalization is now no more there because organizations now managed by groups of people.

  • Business providing jobs and taxes to society for whatever cost society gives to business.

  • In economics, a business (also called firm or enterprise) is a legally recognized organizational entity designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers or corporate entities such as governments, charities or other businesses.

  • Human life is improving day by day due to business because the kind of innovations happening is not possible without business. The kind of R&D facilities, businesses putting for new innovations are making life better and safer.


  • Business is definitely a profit making enterprise but the benefits society getting out of it is also considerable.

  • Due to business human life is improving day by day.

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