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Favor (" good")

  • The good form of criticism is known as constructive criticism; it offers valid feedback both positive and negative.

  • A constructive criticism can lend much needed assistance to an individual by giving them feedback on things that can be improved and issues that can be avoided.

  • A constructive criticism can also help establish your credibility and expertise by ensuring that you know what you're talking about, and the people who benefit from your constructive criticism will be more likely to credit you in some way or form for playing a part in their success.

  • Constructive criticism can also keep feelings from being hurt by focusing on things that can be improved while avoiding personal attacks or insults.

Against (" bad")

  • Criticism can demotivate person from moving forward

  • Few people use criticism to humiliate the people and influence their image in bad way.

  • Sometimes a criticism can lower confidence of a person so criticizer should be fair

  • Deliberate criticism is very popular in modern society to achieve the selfish motives.


  • Every form of criticism constructive or destructive affects a person one way or another, it will either motivate him to try harder or deflate his enthusiasm, so it depends upon the person to whom that criticism is directed how he takes it. But it calls for introspection on his part to do that with justice. If you have someone who's trying to take you away from your path to success and intentionally trying to just ruin your chances for success you can label it constructive and if someone is criticizing you for your betterment and asking you to quit your bad habits them you can label it otherwise.

  • Lord Gautam Buddha was in deep meditation. At that time, a person came near him and starts abusing him. He starts criticizing and abusing Buddha badly. But he was surprised to see that there was not even an iota of change in Buddha's expressions. He was as calm and smiling as before. That person gave up and started apologizing for his mistake. He then asked Buddha, "Lord, how is it that you were not offended by my abuses and criticism?" On this, Buddha said, "Dear, I never accepted what you said. So that way your abuses and bad criticism was back to you. Then why should I feel offended?" So true, isn't it? Anyway, we're nowhere close to Lord Buddha. But we can definitely follow what he said. Often we get offended by others' bad remarks and destructive criticism and feel bad for no reason. If we don't accept their words, see how insulted the other one will feel!

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