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Should INDIA Change Its National Game?


  • Indian national game should be cricket because it has just become cramming line that our national game is hockey. No-one in our country knows names of hockey players and about match schedules. Change is requirement of today. If we do not change we cannot make progress.

  • National game should be choice of nation; that is cricket.

  • If hockey is not able to create any sensation among youngsters than; it's weakness of game.


  • Cricket is religion in India and none of sports is as famous as cricket in India. Other sports like hockey should be encouraged. If we change national game than it may further impact performance of hockey players.

  • No today we change national game, tomorrow national anthem, then pledge and it will go on this is not the point.

  • I don't think we should change national game just because we lost some matches or not many know names of hockey players.

  • Just because present hockey team is not performing like what it used to, we should not conclude that their days are gone , instead government should pay attention and provide them proper facilities to regain their position

  • Games are for fun and I think hockey is also a lot of fun, as is cricket.

  • Game doesn't bring sensation. Media and people make the game popular. For a fact India is having 1/6th of world's population and only one game is popular. Whereas is in other countries like china, USA, Russia all games have equal importance and popularity.

  • In countries like USA, Russia, china cricket is not popular so if someday cricket becomes unpopular in India u will again ask for some other game as national game.


  • National game is related with identity of nation it can't be change.

  • If we are feeling patriotic on this issue we should move forward and try to make hockey popular .Businessmen can sponsor it. Common can watch it and motivate their children to join hockey and government can facilitate the players.

  • India must perform best in its national game.

Contributed by: Studyfreak

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