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There is nothing wrong in live in relationships?

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Cohabitation or live in relationship is an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an intimate relationship, particularly an emotionally and/or sexually intimate one, on a long-term or permanent basis.Indian society has come a long way, but Cohabitation is prevalent mostly among the people living in metro cities in India.


  • People may live together for a number of reasons. Cohabitants could live together in order to save money, because of the convenience of living with another, or a need to find housing.
  • Few couples opt for Live in relation ship because it keeps open the option of parting ways without undergoing the hassle of a divorce, which may be compounded by a costly settlement obligation. They dont want to face financial hardship if a marriage were to end in divorce
  • It keeps open the option of knowing each other before bigger commitment of marriage.
  • Lower income individuals facing financial uncertainty may delay or avoid marriage, not only because of the difficulty of paying for a wedding.
  • Today, cohabitation is a common pattern among people in the Western world. More than two-thirds of married couples in the US say that they lived together before getting married."In 1994, there were 3.7 million cohabiting couples in the United States." This is a far cry from a few decades ago. Before 1970, cohabitation was illegal in the United States.
  • Even researchers suggest that couples live together as a way of trying out marriage to test compatibility with their partners, while still having the option of ending the relationship without legal implications.


  • In India living in couples lie to get accommodation, they declare themselves a married couple. Counsellors say such relationships are for financial and social security.To get a house on rent, live-in couples tell landlords they are married. They live like husband and wife, but their relationship has no legal sanction. When there is a break-up, we refer it to police as a case of cheating.
  • Under family pressure couples fall apart when question of marriage come in front of them and leave 1 of them inconsolable.Things fall apart when the boy refuses to marry the girl.
  • In India legal framework is not established yet very clearly for live in relationship.So once people get apart there is no way to resolve financial issues.As the relationship doesn't have legal sanction, they need to be careful. Most cases brought to our notice are of women complaining that the men they had lived with refused to marry them.

Legal decisions in India

  • With a recent judgement by the Madras high court saying if in a prolonged relationship as partners, a man or woman cannot relieve themselves of its consequences and liabilities on the ground that it had not been registered or solemnized, the judiciary is now de facto moving towards a uniform civil code in place of personal laws governing marriages for long.
  • In fact, there have been various orders by the Supreme Court and the high courts across the country that have in the past taken a fairly progressive view of live-in relationships. Legal experts say though it is a positive step on part of the judiciary, the meaning of a live-in relationship should be understood with due caution. "The courts have been careful whenever they have interpreted live-in relationships. They do not talk about short-term arrangements but a long standing commitment where the man and woman stay and share the same framework as that of marriage. The courts have time and again given clarity on that, and that for me is a fair amount of progressive view," said senior lawyer Pinky Anand.

Contributed by: Javed Sida

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Added by: Mansi Chhabra


We are adopting the western culture and we all have forgot our Indian tradition and culture . This type of relationship is ruining our Indian culture . It does not give emotional security and also does not accept for this . When one is in a living relationship there is no boundation and either of a one can opt out of relationship .In marriage there are social boundation and pressure of society .So i am not in favour of this relationship .

Date: 2017-05-24 08:40:55

Added by: selva


Indian own have them uniqe calture . Now a days forieng people came to india they start liveing in indian calture . So it not good for india .

Date: 2016-08-18 06:54:07

Added by: dedeepya chowdary k.


point : the main of point to live-in-relation is to understand and experience the marriage-life before taking the further step. And if it is not adjustable they can walk out without any long legal issues. But in terms of India, atlas the live-in-relations are ended with many issues like cheating cases etc. in this scenario live-in-relations are not valid in India

Date: 2016-06-16 06:29:44

Added by: $_27


Yeah!!There is nothing wrong in live in relationship wn boy n grl are comfortable wd each other.Its d sense of respect,care nd trust tat we need in any relationship.

Date: 2016-04-05 14:22:03

Added by: Kusuma Kumari G


I think the role of live in relationship is not good according to indian culture and sanskriti

Date: 2016-02-23 07:03:34

Added by: madhu mehandiratta

Point: point: we know about our culture and society and we know that our society is not accept live in relation right know so best solution is that we accept the boy that is chosed by our parents but say to ur parents to spend some time with that boy and if u r agree that boy then get marry with that boy.

Date: 2015-08-16 19:58:18

Added by: AMIT KUMAR

Point: there is everything wrong to live in relationship in India because in our countryeveryone wants his partner to be pure of character. In our society value of character is put above all the things. After knowing that you were engaged to someone, no one is going to accept you as his/her life partner specially when you belong to middle class family. In middle class if somebody has done this , their whole family is treated as disgraced in society.

Date: 2015-04-10 12:40:00

Added by: irshad sahil.

Point: In my opinion live in relationship is goodbecause this gives you time to understand inreal situation and further they can decide togo marriage or not, for all those who aretalking about culture , they should understandits 21 century and everything is changed inIndia. You should change your mentality andeverything will be changed.

Date: 2015-02-26 15:23:20

Added by: Nikhil kesharwani

Point: Hello!! Friends...In my opinion live in relations is good because if a person is eligible or mature then each one has its own right to choose his/her life partner. and after sometime when both understand each other then they turned up their live in relation to married live in relations is good...

Date: 2014-10-19 01:59:59

Added by: Mat_07

Point: In my opinion live in relationship is good because this gives you time to understand in real situation and further they can decide to go marriage or not, for all those who are talking about culture , they should understand its 21 century and everything is changed in India. You should change your mentality and everything will be changed.

Date: 2014-03-31 07:53:13