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Is Boss Always right?

The boss is always right! It is a popular corporate mantra which simply indicate that in job, always consider your boss right and follow his orders.In current scenario, is this Mantra Valid? lets discuss..


  • Bosses are also human.Work pressure of meeting deadlines, make them to lose his/ her temper. The same is the case with bosses.So if your seniors scold you ,But as long as it does not get personal, One should not take it on Ego and obey the boss."
  • At the time of appraisal or salary hike, despite all your genuine efforts and persuasive skills, your boss may act tough. In such situations, discuss the issue with him/ her in order to get a satisfactory explanation.
  • All humans have their biases, It cannot be denied. So if your boss is also slightly biased you can not control it He is also human. You would also prefer some other boss then him.
  • You should always treat your bosses fairly. Female bosses or bosses younger to you should not be treated any differently. There is a reason they are higher on the corporate grid and you should understand it.
  • Depending on your workplace, you may call your boss with his/her first name but everyone must take care that lines don't blur too much. After all, every organisation has its hierarchy that needs to be followed upon by Boss and employees.


  • Bosses always gets angry and gets personal with employees. Most of the times bosses take things on Ego and start behaving like super should not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behaviour of any kind.
  • Most of the times bosses ignore good work of sub ordinates in salary hikes and appraisals its not fair.One should discuss this with his boss.If things still don't work, then you must follow your organisation's protocol and report the matter to the authorities concerned.
  • Bosses are always biased they always have favourites and they treat others bad so one should always discuss this with boss and stand up to what he/she think is unfair or unjust.


  • The boss is not always right, but you have to be in the right situations to be able to do anything about it.

Contributed by: M.Geetha

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Added by: Joy Jacob

Point: The boss may not be always right. But he is responsible to coordinate his team to contribute its best to the satisfaction of his boss. The team members should also be well informed of the targets and strategies set for the team. The members should have the freedom to suggest/recommend modifications to the set strategies. The boss who is ready to review the set strategy based on such suggestions will earn the trust of his team members and the result would be always beneficial to all.

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