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Valentine day is harming our culture.


  • Valentine day is western festival if our youth really want to celebrate than they can choose any other day for this.

  • On Valentine's Day People do a show off of their love in public? Which is not acceptable to our society and traditions?

  • Couples should celebrate it gracefully.

  • Valentine day is propaganda of western capitalist society which wants to celebrate all those days where people can come out to shopping malls and spend money.


  • Valentine day is great day for lovers to celebrate their love. According to history it's a western festival but now people are celebrating it in India also. It's a day when lovers express their feeling to each other.

  • It is a day of love, when people give gifts, red roses, flowers, red stuffed toy, and greeting cards to each other. But so called protectors of Indian traditions have developed some notoriety for suppressing Valentine's Day. They attack hotels, restaurants, coffeehouses, and gift shop on 14th Feb. to prevent couples from giving each other gifts.

  • I feel Valentine's Day has nothing to do with western influences on Indian culture. India has successfully survived cultural clashes via Hollywood or for that matter various channels like M TV, V TV etc. We have been influenced by west for sure, but at same time we have retained our values. It testifies the fact that small things like celebration of Valentine's Day can cause least of harm to our enriched heritage.

  • Political parties which issue ban on d Valentine's Day every year, with due respect to them, should take this aspect into consideration. They should understand that a day which is for celebration of a beautiful thing like love can cause no harm to society.

  • Concept of Valentine's Day is not restrained to lovers. It's way beyond that; it's about celebration of relationship we share with our family, friends.


  • Valentine's Day is like other festivals where one can show his/her love to dear ones. People should celebrate it gracefully. It is not affecting our traditions and culture.

Contributed by: Studyfreak

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