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Homosexuality in India ?

As per the recent Supreme Court verdict on homosexuality,homosexual inhabitance of India will be treated as criminal because homosexuality is crime.


  • Its individuals choice to be in relation with same sex or not or sometimes it may be some hormonal situation but in all I feel it to be restriction on freedom of people.
  • No one is supposed to decide for others sexuality.
  • It should not be kept in category of crime because something when done with mutual agreement cannot be binoculared with law specially the feeling of love.and the homosexuals will be out of shelter when it is crime in India.
  • A big question is why we are not agreeing on the existence of other gender in society either homo sexual or a feminist people.We always dream about chasing other countries on their developments achievements economic growth so why we cant learn from them to be flexible in social things according to present scenario what's the harm in sheltering homosexuals among our people.
  • Homosexuality is normal and natural to hundreds of other animal species... why would it not be natural for humans to be homosexual?
  • Bringing up points like 'religion A says it's bad', or stating that it is natures response to overpopulation is just conjecture with no current means of proving either way.
  • Humans are animals. Other animals exhibit homosexual behaviour naturally. Therefore human homosexual activity is normal and natural.


  • And love between same sex is identical to love between heterosexuals. Cannot be described as 'natural' however as it is a scientific fact that two men or two women cannot reproduce. So homosexuality is not natural but is a totally acceptable and valid way of life
  • Some of the studies, authenticity of which can be questioned, have said that child molestation and paedophilia occur far more commonly among homosexuals than among heterosexuals on a per capita basis. However, in no way everyone from the same community can be painted with the same brush.
  • Saying it is natural because in hundreds of others animals it occurs, is an invalid reasoning. Animals tend to resort to cannibalism, feeding on their young, incest, and homosexuality. If a man were to eat his own children, would you say that's natural?


  • Science has to decide whether homosexual behaviour is natural or not.But it is matter of personal choice.Whole world accept that freedom is most important in Human life.If freedom of choice is available to other species so why not Humans?

Contributed by: anjum

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Added by: debaleena

Point: According to me, love is a feelings that exists between two person that binds together. If it can occur between a man and a woman even without seeing each other then why cannot two person of same sex fall in love with each other? Hence homosexuality should not be treated as crime till it exists in phase of love and not lust. People not only make love to have sex and child but also to live happy and healthy life. If for 2 person of same sex have the same feelings then why should it be viewed as crime?

Date: 2014-04-14 13:47:16