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Facebook vs Google

Facebook is an online social networking service.Mark Zuckerberg is founder of facebook.Face book's revenue was around 8 billion $ in 2013.

Most of Facebook's revenue comes from advertising.Facebook says it has so much information about users that he can show target ads to right users.

Google is much bigger company as compared to facebook .Google's revenue was 60 billion $ in 2013.Google has Search services, Social networking site and advertising company (adword,adsense) ,google drive and many other services.

Social networking space:

Competition between google and facebook is mainly in social networking space.Google bought orkut.In 2008 orkut was most visited site in INDIA and Brazil.
Orkut was very successful but slowly facebook took over and now facebook is at top.

At the end of April 2010, Orkut had 19.7 million unique visitors compared to Facebook, with 18 million visitors worldwide. Facebook grabbed the number one position for the first time in July 2010 with 20.9 million visitors, up 179%, a year ago. Where as Orkut registered a growth of only 16% at the same period.

Google would have taken even more necessary steps for Orkut in its fight against facebook. But Google launched Google plus. Though Google is successful in promoting Google+, Google could have equally contributed towards the success of Orkut as well. In addition to this, users are migrating from Orkut to Google+ directly, as the user doesn’t need any further registration.

Later google came with new social networking service to compete against facebook named as Google plus.Google plus is doing good but many profiles are created due to link up with other google services and not necessary all users are active.

Facebook userbase is 1.28 billion (monthly active, March 2014).Google plus userbase is around 540 million (active October 2013).

Online advertising space:

Facebook and google both are receiving revenue mainly from advertising.Google shows ads on search, google plus, mails and publisher's pages as per needs of advertisers.Facebook shows ads on the social networking site beside user profiles and at many other places.In 2011, 96% of Google's revenue was derived from its advertising programs.

Facebook and google are big players.But google right now is huge as compared to facebook as it's services expand in many other spaces as compared to facebook which only have footprint in Social networking domain.

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Point: facebook is only used for interacting with our friends but with google we can search anything by anyone. now it is our basic need to use google for getting our relevant information.

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