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Social network Boon or Ban

Favor (Boon)

  • Social networks are new way of communication for example Facebook, Myspace, Orkut and many more.

  • Every one is sharing pictures, day to day activity, thoughts about issues, personal problems etc. on social network.As well as people are communicating with each other through social networking sites.Few people are exploiting social networking sites by spying on others life. Few cases has been reported where robbers and thieves were spying on victims through social networking sites.So one should take care of what he/she is sharing on social network.Its own responsibility that to not share anything personal which can create problems.

  • Public sharing of private lives has not led to a rethinking of anything. It's just reminded people to use extreme caution when publicly sharing their private lives. If you wouldn't do something in front of everyone you know, don't do it on the internet.

  • Internet is popular due to freedom of speech.Few groups are asking that social networking sites should be banned.If governent would ban social networking sites then internet will not be free. People will not share there lives or communicate with others and internet will loose its charm.

  • Humans are social animals by nature and social networks are just one other outlet for humans to interact. We should not look at social networks as threats but as opportunities for us to interact with people globally. I myself am an active user of social networks and have made many friends and business contacts online that I would otherwise not have had the same level of opportunity or interaction.

Against (Ban)

  • Social networking sites are complete waste of time.Youth is wasting their precious time on these social networking sites so these sites should be banned.

  • A guy who posted a video on YouTube weightlifting, skiing, and performing karate exhibitions. He was fired from his job for showing to much Bravado.

  • There was one incident where robbers using user's geo location on Facebook to find out when target is at home or not.

  • Unlike other human social interactions which are transient, e.g. talking to friends over lunch etc, the Internet keeps a permanent record of what we say to each other. If you are having an online conversation with your friend(s) then you should be aware that conversation can be seen by countless others and that a record of that conversation will be kept somewhere on the Internet. Indeed, now with some social networks introducing geo location services a record of where we go and how long we spend there will also be maintained.

  • Social-networking sites allow seemingly trivial gossip to be distributed to a worldwide audience, sometimes making people the butt of rumors shared by millions of users across the Internet.

  • Public sharing of private lives has led to a rethinking of our current conceptions of privacy.

  • Existing law should be extended to allow some privacy protection for things that people say and do in what would have previously been considered the public domain.

  • People need to be aware of the environment within which they are communicating to others. If you are discussing things in a public forum then all that information is available to everyone else in that forum. Therefore they should take a common sense approach to what they should and should not discuss. In real world we only talk about sensitive issues when we are in private and with people we trust. I think though that when people are online they can fall into a false sense of security because there are physically in a secure place using their computer either in their office or their home which results in them divulging information they should not.


  • Social network is indeed boon for human race as it is bringing people closer and letting them communicate with each other without any fear and barrier. But still one need to be cautious of what level of personal information they are revealing on social networks.

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