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Principles of Mahatma Gandhi are they valid today?



The pivotal and defining element of Gandhism is satya. A Sanskrit word usually translated into English as truth. The principle of Satya as espoused by Gandhi needed that Truth must pervade all considerations of politics, ego, society and convention.


Brahmacharya or Celibacy was important to Gandhi for not only purifying himself of any lust and sexual urges, but also to purify his love for his wife as genuine and not an outlet for any turmoil or aggression within his mind.


Ahimsa, or non-violence, was another key tenet of Gandhi's beliefs. He held that total non-violence would rid a person of anger, obsession and destructive impulses.


Gandhi also adopted the clothing style of most Indians in the early 20th century. His adoption of khadi, or homespun cloth, was intended to help eradicate the evils of poverty, social and economic discrimination.


To Gandhi, fasting was an important method of exerting mental control over base desires.


Universalism denotes the ideology that all religions are true and therefore worthy of toleration and respect.


  • Yes indeed his principles are valid and eternal.

  • Satya still holds enough respect in human society. People only respect who stay with truth. Even few people sack their integrity for midget profits. But for mental satisfaction and guilt free life one need to stay with truth.

  • Nonviolence is base of civilized human society. If humans involve in violence then what is difference between humans and animals.

  • Khadi is for poor and good for economy.

  • Fasting cleans body.

  • Religions equality is must for humans to survive in upcoming future.

  • Principles of gandhi ji are eternal. Those were useful in past and will be valid in future.


  • Satya or truth is not valid in today's capitalist world. A business man can't speak truth all the time. Even our advertisement hides reality and sells fakeness.

  • Ahimsa or nonviolence is good till a point. But if you only bear the pain others giving you then it is not justified.

  • These principles are not valid in present as modern times human made different standards in their societies from the past. In past religions had very powerful influence over society but now religions are eloping.


  • Principles of Ghandhi ji are universal. It's just present human society more focusing on the showoff and money. But these principles are eternal.

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