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Is PK Movie Biased?

Is PK Movie Biased?

Letís just discuss what PK movie was trying to prove.

  • Statue worshiping is wrong.
  • In temples Stealing shoes is common.
  • Submitting red wine is wrong on the churches and Christians convert by paying money..
  • Pakistani boys are loyal.

Statue worshiping (Murti puja) is wrong. Almost all the religions except few worship the idols (statue).From the starting humans are worshiping statues and idols. In other religions statues, buildings, symbols are important. Why to question one religion. We know they are trying to make some money. But why they are giving false messages to society. If they are so critical about the worshiping Idols they should come out in open and do something against the idol worshipping or do something against the idol worshippers. Why passing hidden message in a movie. I think the person who introduced this particular plot (Idol worshipping is wrong) should come out and discuss it openly so he can get answer. Not just to prove his point but to accept it that he can go to such level to prove idol worshipping is wrong and his own religion is right.

In temples stealing of shoes is common: When these so called intellectual people, talks about such a sensitive issue where, they are trying to prove a religion wrong. At the same time they are trying to bring minor problems and trying to give it a comic look and concealing the hidden message. I would say stealing of shoes or sandals from temple is a minor thing which may happen or may not happen at any other religious place belongs to any religion. If you say itís a joke, I would agree, but it should have not been mixed with the sensitive topic like religion. Another attempt to defame Hinduism.

Submitting red wine is wrong on the churches. Apart from mocking Hinduism PK also targets at Christianity. Again I would request the person who introduced this plot should come out and say that my religion is right in which wine is not allowed in religious places but wine in church is wrong. Who are you to decide that God will love wine or not. Why are you touching this particular point whey are you doing a comic movie, where you are trying to prove that Pakistani boys are loyal. It was such a stupid, again to mix religion with all that garbage and comparing religions based on wines. I wonít go to comparing religion mode but just want to make a point here that all religions have flaws. Religions have given message to humans that increasing count of devotees of religion will give goodies. So conversion always been part of the religious activities but it is happening for all the religions so pointing out Christians doesn't make sense.

Pakistani boys are loyal. When PK movie was trying to prove Idol worshiping is wrong other point it was trying to prove that Pakistani boys are loyal. Both are completely different messages which should have not be mixed where you are trying to prove something against few religions. Such problems exist everywhere. Asians think westerners are bed. Westerners think Asians are bed so it is not a big deal but mixing it to this movie doesn't make sense.

At last I would point out few things which I like about movie that Dhongi babas should be kicked. Government should regularize all religious places temples, churches, gurudware and mosques. All dhongi babas should be jailed. Humans should focus more on God not on God men. More money should go to poor people as compared to religious places.

When you are mocking religions you should either mock all the religions or better you mock the God itself. Or else you should not target a particular religion. Passing hidden messages against few religions in a movie doesn't make sense. If you believe something come out in open and discuss it broadly, then you will get the answers.

Contributed by: Rajesh

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