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Can world become border less?

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  • This is fantastic Idea. It will reduce the enquality.

  • It will take humans to next level to achieve prosperity.

  • It will have very big impact and many problem related with borders and wars between countries will be over by just removing all borders.

  • All humans unitedly will work towards wellness of human species without wasting time in resolving meager issues.

  • Resources can be better utlised and available for betterment of humanity.

  • All mobility restrictions should be removed because they are, by definition, associated with inequality.


  • Entry restrictions are created by states for many reasons, and one of them is to defend the privilege of citizens relative to those living in other countries.
    Europe has tried to remove entry resitriction within coutries of european union because people there have same economic status so it is possible.
    But if they remove border for poor countries as well whole population from the poor countries will enter their country and destroy the infrastructure they have developed over the years.

  • Another issue is social programes run by the different countries. Australia has a social assitance program so if a person move from some other coutry to australia they cant offer him social assitance immidiately.By social assitance we mean pension programs, governement help etc.

  • If borders are removed then population density in developed countries will rise so much that it will impact their infrastructure which has been build for lesser population. It will also impact the food availability.


  • Yes, Borderless world can be a reality not a myth. Imagine the entire world under a single power without any wars, no need to worry about political disputes, peace can flows everywhere, even some evil minded people dislikes, its not going to be a problem because majority human beings need a world with peace, love, kindness without wars, disputes, poverty, evilness, terrorism etc.

  • If humans really believe in border less world they should first come up with uniform Law, education and social program standards across globe then only we can achieve the border less world.

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