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Creation of states based on language has not been a good Idea!

Creation of states based on language is not a good Idea


  • The demand for states on linguistic basis was developed even before India achieved independence from British rule. Through that time Indian administrative regions were identified as different provinces. Orissa was the first Indian state formed on a linguistic basis in 1936 due to the efforts of Madhusudan Das and became Orissa Province. In Orissa, the linguistic movement started in 1895 and intensified in later years with the demand for a separate Orissa province; at the time, what is now Odisha (formerly called Orissa) was a part of Bihar and Orissa Province.
  • Initially Indians states were divided based on the old kingdoms. But after state reorganization in 1956, states were reorganized based on the language. The post-independence period saw the ascent of political movements for the creation of new states developed on linguistic lines.


  • Creation of states based on language still keep India divided and there is a divide between the people who speaks different languages.
  • People identify themselves based on the state and then they love to feel that their language is best and others may not be so great. So it create some psychological distance between people.
  • Whole India is united and state division should have been done on the based on the development perspective.
  • The state division based on the language creates a division between population and then certain population becomes minority in some state where as others become minority in other states.


  • People in India speaks different language so state creation based on language is justified.
  • Language based state gives opportunity to local people to be proud about their language and they are more motivated to do development of their area.


State creation should have been done based on the vision of development not based on language.

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