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DTH providers are exploiting the subscriber.

There are two aspects of this exploitation.

  1. DTH providers are forcing the users to subscribe for HD channels.

  2. DTH providers are mixing the order of the subscribed channels and paid channels and On demand services so subscriber has to take the pain to go through all channels.

  • You guys must have seen the ad "Dabba hai dabba uncle ka tv dabba" on TV. After the settop box being made as mandatory by government DTH providers have started the mission of sucking money from the subscribers by selling HD channels.
  • If DTH providers have invested money in HD channels setups they should bear the cost why they are asking the money from the subscribers.
  • DTH providers are now mixing the HD channels and normal channels so that the subscriber has to forcefully go through the HD channels.Also other services also been mixed with the free channels so if a user changes channels. He can not go to his favourite channel directly but he has to traverse through all the paid channels and get annoyed.
  • DTH providers able to implement the above 3 wrong policies because now they have option to force users because now settop box is mandatory.
  • In past the system was much better and not being controlled by the DTH providers. Local providers were not pushing the Agenda of making money from HD channels and trying to push their services forcefully to tv of subscribers.
  • There should be Do not disturb (DND) mode on the DTH service as well where user can only see the channels which he has subscribed for. For mobile phone goverment has implemented this rule but for TV nothing has been implemented.
  • DTH providers are taking profit of this loophole and filling the TV with Ads, ondemand channels and mixing the paid channels with the subscribed channels so user has to go through the pain of changing the channels or have to buy the HD channels.

Contributed by: vibha bharadiya

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Added by: The Anand

Point: HD channels we subscribe or not,it is our own choice.sevice provider companies advertise what they have new.DTH operators are here to make money not for social we should not bother in it.let them happen as usual...

Date: 2018-04-08 23:51:45

Added by: triadi


also they reduce the quality of normal channels so the user feel a need for hd channel....

Date: 2017-01-19 08:14:14