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Do humans need single government across world?


  • If we create a global government it can be next big step in human development.

  • Right now lot of resources are being wasted over all world for maintaining security, armies and developing ammunitions.

  • If world is united there will be no bifurcation of religion, race, religion, language or Culture. It will reduce the hate.

  • Right now lot of resources are being wasted for individual scientific mission. That can be optimized by a common government and whole world can work towards human goal of getting better.

  • If there is only one government money/resources can be equally divided between the poor and rich countries so whoe world can develope parallaly.


  • If we make a single government it will end compititiveness between different nations and it will end the motivation for human growth.

  • Control of world will be with few people and that can introduce the corruption. There will be no one there for objection.

  • Languages and clutures will be lost of give free hands for immigration.

  • Few countries will be overcrowded and other will be no man land because everyone want to live in good place.


Creating a global government is not a bad idea. But it can't be implemented in single day. It needs lot of analysis so it can do good for humanity.

Contributed by: Preeti sharma

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Added by: Saginala Raju

Point: Monopoly can effect the people. As we know before 1947 our India was under under Monopoly rule and it was under single British government which effected the people.But even by global government we can achieve equality among rich and poor.

Date: 2019-11-09 19:40:58

Added by: Mike

Point: For : Negotiations will not be required and this can avoid war like situationsAgainst: If there is only one ruler then entire civilization will be at his mercy. Democracy will die and whole world will become Communist.

Date: 2019-03-05 13:07:41

Added by: Shahanwaj alam

Point: Enjoyment

Date: 2018-09-29 13:46:40