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Sabrimala verdict progressive or against traditions

Sabarimala Temple is a temple at Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala, India. In the past, women devotees of menstruating age were not permitted to worship here, this ban being said to be out of respect to the celibate nature of the deity in this temple. A Kerala high-court judgement had legalized this interpretation, and forbade women from entering the temple since 1991. In September 2018, a judgement of the Supreme Court of India ruled that all pilgrims regardless of gender, including women in the menstruating age group, should be allowed entrance to Sabarimala. The Constitution bench of the Supreme Court held that any exception placed on women because of biological differences violates the Constitution - that the ban violates the right to equality under Article 14, and freedom of religion under Article 25.

Progressive view:

We are in year 2020. We are living in the age where we consider everyone equal. Not allowing the women to a shrine definitely chellenge the concept of gender equality.

Humans are evolving with time and we are leaving behind the old concept of treating the genders differently So it make sense to open all the areas equally to all genders.

Our Consititution treats all genders equally. In September 2018 the Supreme Court of India ruled that women of all age groups can enter Sabarimala temple. The court ruled thus:

We have no hesitation in saying that such an exclusionary practice violates the right of women to visit and enter a temple to freely practice Hindu religion and to exhibit her devotion towards Lord Ayyappa. The denial of this right to women significantly denudes them of their right to worship.

Menstruation is not impure, and that women have equal right to enter the temple.
Women are allowed to enter other temples of Ayyappan, so that the exception for Sabarimala is unusual and inconsistent.

This restriction try to prove that women are impure, based on the physiological process of menstruation, is gender discrimination and not accptable.

Againts Traditions:

The major point which is against the religious traditions is freedom to follow the religion. Every individual should be allowed to practice their faith irrespective of whether the practice is rational or logical.

Traditions and rituals are basically created for some reason. These traditions are followed as it is from starting. It is not accptable to just not allow or detoriate the religious rituals on name of equality.

All religions have various rituals which may not make sense or harm something or other but it does not mean that these traditions need to be discarded. A simple exmple, burring candle or perfume stick for the religious ritual. If tomorrow environmental activits would say this is wrong tradition so the point is it will be very difficult to curb all the traditions on the name of modern age practices.

Such religious restriction is not new as they are as per traditions to respect the deity of the temple; similar to this there are restrictions against men too in several prominent temples, for example Bramha temple, Pushkar.

This tradition is at least 500-year-old tradition should be continued to be practised.

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