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Are film-makers harming folk culture?


  • Producer and director take a gamble trying to woo crowd by showing what they want. It's all commercial. It's not a charity, so while adding entertainment to original folk stories, sometimes they lost the gist of real story and basically distort the original history.

  • Current trend in movies is towards folk culture, which may fade away soon.

  • The producers are distorting history and giving a wrong picture of real life story to viewers for making money.

  • What a cinema is showing may not be exact folk culture because movies are created for entertainment. For brining entertainment quotient in a movie most of the time makers forgot about the folk cultures and values.

  • There was a movie released recently named after Abraham Lincoln. We all know Mr. Abraham Lincoln played a great role in history but this movie shows him as a vampire slayer. So film maker completely misrepresented history in this case.


  • Film makers are promoting our values and traditions by movies. Youngsters are more interested in video games now so at least films teach them a bit about our folk history and values.

  • If a movie is on folk culture then it should elucidate the beauty of the culture and there should not be any masala added to lure the audience.

  • Folk culture is to be preserved in its natural and an inheritance should not be used to make money out of it by depicting the same in movies.

  • Humans are any ways making museums to keep our history safe. Making few films would not harm our history.


  • It should ok if filmmakers are making folk movies but one thing they should keep in mind, that they must not present wrong facts in front of viewers.

Contributed by: Studyfreak

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