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Website for CAT preparation material.MBA, Engnieering & Medical entrance exams.GD topics.

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The graduate management admission test (gmat) is a test of abilities intended to providecounselors and admissions officers with one predictor of academic performance in graduate managementschool. The gmat exam is an important part of the admissions process for approximately 4,000 graduatemanagement programs at 1,700 business schools worldwide.

The gmat exam has three sections that are scored for all examinees: verbal, quantitative, and analyticwriting. The quantitative and verbal scores contribute to the total score reported in this profile. thegmat total scores are reported on a scale ranging from 200 to 800, rounded to the nearest ten.



How much does it cost to take the gmat exam?

The cost to take the gmat exam is us$250 worldwide.


Total Time3.5 hours

The gmat consists of three major sections with a break between eachsection. the first section is analytical writing, where examinees writean essay analyzing an issue and another analyzing an argument. Afterthis writing section, which lasts a total of 60 minutes, an optional 10minute break ensues. The quantitative section follows the optionalbreak and is made up of 37 questions and lasts 75 minutes. Anotheroptional 10 minute break follows the quantitative section. the examconcludes with a 41 question 75 minute verbal section.


Time:                      60 minutes     
Format:                  Consists of two 30-minute essays    
Topics :                  Analysis of an Argument
                              Analysis of an Issue

Quantitative Section

Time:                       75 minutes     
Format:                   Maximum of 37 multiple choice questions    
Topics          :         Algebra
Question Types:       Problem Solving
                               Data Sufficiency
Verbal Section

Time:                      75 minutes     
Format:                  Maximum of 41 questions    
Topics:                    Reading
                              Analytical Reasoning    

 Question Types:     Reading Comprehension    
                              Sentence Correction      
                              Critical Reasoning     


The scoring of the test  of the gmat is not done is the traditional traditional multiple choice tests questions are fixed which dont change during exam.But in gmat exam computer choose  next question based on the result of previous question's a computer-based adaptive test, the computer builds your score as you progress through the test.

When you begin the test, the computer has not assessed your skills and assumed that you are average. Therefore, it gives you a question which is of average difficulty level. Based on your answer, the computer adjusts the initial adjustment and rates you as above- or below- average, and gives you the next question. Then based on your response to the first two questions, the computer gives you a third question and so on till the end of the test. In this way, the computer builds your score.IF the examinee answers correctly, the next questions are harder. If the examinee answers incorrectly, the next questions are easier.

For each  of the three section, you receive a sub-score (e.g., you may score a 4 onthe AWA, 37 on the verbal section, and 40 on the quantitative section).The combination of your quantitative and verbal scores determine yourscaled score, which is given on a scale of 200-800 and is notinfluenced by the AWA score.


From where i can get gmat question bank?

To get GMAT question bank mail us at admin(at)



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