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What academic subjects did you like best ?

Mathematics. Nothing like a nice challenge that will actually make you think and fustrate.

Psychology or sociology. I find the study of the human mind and behavior to be infinitely fascinating.

I started with Psychology and Philosophy, because I wanted to know about humans, aspiring to become one myself. I found Psychology too self-conscious (seems like the first chapter of every Psych text book could be "Psychology is a Science! No, really! It is!") I like philosophy fine, but I discovered that the answers I was looking for weren't to be found and that the medium in which the questions were posed, pondered, and explored most interestingly was literature.

I majored in English with minors in Psych and Philosophy, after dropping down from a double Psych and Philosophy major. My Masters, though, is in Curriculum and Instruction. I teach 2nd Graders, and I love my job.

English - Language and Literature! There's nothing like it - the technicalities of Grammar, and the beauty of Content & Structure blending in melodious harmony thru the very words creatively written in Poetry or Prose..... How moving and gripping!!! the study and examination of Multiple Intelligences, my first-rate intelligence has always been the 1st type - the Linguistic-Literary Kind of Intelligence, so I guess, that's pretty much expected then..

i love physics. it's logical, you can explaiun anything in the world or outside of it, even without being able to see the things controlling our life. it''s practical, its fascinating, i'm good at grasping concepts and doing the required amthematical equations for the class.calculus is second, for many of the same reasons. the most practical-to-be-applied to things in the world math (not most common, say simple addition during a purchase of items. but rather how to find out velocitities, derivatives and such). and i'm also very good at this subject too

drama is amazingly fun. i enjoy acting, and improvisng so much. as well i think i write pretty funny skits and understand the needs of an actor.

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Added by: sahey

Point: my favourite subject is management because it makes me gather much knowledge and helps me in knowing how to move on in ma aim i.e business

Date: 2014-06-13 23:17:29

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